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Sunday, February 23, 2014

What's the eHookah all about?

Many of you newer Vapers may have seen products for sale that are labeled as either "e-Hookah Pen" or perhaps "e-Sheesha Pen" and may have thought to yourself, "Gee, what kinda weird foreign thing is this?"

Well, wonder no more, because the "mystery" behind these things is about to be unraveled right before your eyes...

The "redheaded stepsister" of the eCig, the eHookah is pretty much just an eCig.  Wait, it is actually JUST an eCig, except it's been dressed up like a Transvestite at a gay pride parade.

So why would I be interested in reviewing something like this?  Well, if you think that an eHookah is ONLY an eCig dressed up like a girl, then you're missing out.  As I understand it (from some verrry manly-men), the FLAVOR of the eLiquids used in an eHookah SUPPOSEDLY rival the flavors that we've all come to know in our daily eCigs.  Even Hangsen has their own SEPARATE LINE of eHookah eLiquids!  On one hand, I can't help but wonder if it's just regular eCig eLiquid that's been rebranded and on the other hand, I want there to be an ACTUAL DIFFERENCE between the two eLiquids!

Anyway, Let's just call a spade, a spade.  Most of the eLiquids we're using do not taste very good.  If there's even a REMOTE CHANCE that these things can do a better job in the FLAVOR department, somebody you can trust (me, silly) should find out and let you know.

So let's have a quick chat about an actual HOOKAH (pronounced HOO-KAH).

In case you've never actually seen a proper Analog Hookah, now you have.  I'm not going to go into detail on why the Arab world at large has been using these things in social settings for the past several hundred years, or how there's a whole ECONOMY devoted to these things either.  LOL...  I'm also not going to go into any detail on the stuff that's used in a Hookah (called Shisha or Sheesha) and how there are all sorts of interesting things that can be used in a Hookah...  What I would like to do, is tell you that those multi-colored silly things I showed you above are supposed to be verrry similar in flavor to an Analog Hookah.  I find that hard to believe (having used a Hookah once or twice before), but I'd like to find out.  Also (and maybe more importantly) not all eHookah devices look like the ones above.  As a matter of fact ALL of the devices on my list (below) DO NOT look like the ones depicted above.

I've got several cigarette shaped devices on their way in for review purposes and I'll be reviewing them as they get here.

One thing I should add, about 99% of the eHookah devices that you can purchase do not have any nicotine at all.  While this may be a deal breaker for some of you new-converts, for eCig users like myself, my nicotine needs have dramatically decreased to a point where I'm convinced that soon (God willing) I will be be 100% Analog and Electronic cigarette FREE!  Or at the very least, 100% nicotine free.  I can live with that...

I am still very much interested in speaking with manufacturers about reviewing, selling and even designing newer / better cigarette sized devices.  If you're in a position to work with me in this regard, PLEASE use the form to the right to contact me...

Keep your eyes peeled...
Reviews coming soon...

First up on the review list:

SMOKE Disposable eHookah
eLax Gold Disposable eHookah
Platinum Puffs Disposable eHookah

Items being considered:

Luxury Lites (very interested, email sent to company regarding review)
eLax Disposable eHookah
Starbuzz Disposable eHookah Pens
Starbuzz eHose (I'm ridiculously interested in this device also)

Again, if you represent a manufacturer OR are a distributor of similar products, PLEASE do not delay... Use the form to the right and contact me at once to discuss possible opportunities.  If you're new here, this Blog reaches between 15-19,000 readers every single month.  Let's work together to get ex-Smokers what they need to permanently divest themselves of Analog Cigarettes forever!

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