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Friday, July 19, 2013

Kanger EVOD Review

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If you've been reading this Blog, you know that I'm in love with the Kanger ProTank.  Sure, it's got some really tiny issues, but they're nothing, compared to some other devices.

For the first time since I started Vaping, I've finally got something that produces excellent flavor, excellent Vapor, excellent throat hit and lasts a really, really long time between changing out atomizer heads.

But the ProTank can cost between $15 & $23 depending on where you get them from.

The reason that I wanted to test the EVOD out, is because:

a) They basically use the same heads
b) They should taste exactly the same
c) They should perform exactly the same
d) For $5.99 the EVOD might be an excellent budget Vape!

So I picked up one of the items shown above and loaded it up with several different eLiquids and guess what?  Yep, they taste EXACTLY as I expected...  That's great right?

Well....  They do perform the same, but there's 2 major detractors with this device...

1. Due to the inside diameter being smaller on the EVOD, the atomizer floods too much.  And that's with any kind of eLiquid.  It's not a "sucking through a straw" type of flooding, it's a small gurgling when you Vape.  It's not a really, really, big deal, but it bothered me.

2. If you're going to use this with an APV or a Mech Mod, the EVOD base will be hidden inside of your battery units drip-well.  That in itself is not a problem, the problem comes when it's time to unscrew it, so that you can fill your EVOD up with more eLiquid.  I've had the base come off TWICE now (while using the VAMO 2), so I'm really soured on using it with anything other than an eGo battery.  At least with the eGo battery, you can HOLD the EVOD base and make sure that it doesn't come off.

So that's it for this review, as there really isn't anything else to say.  I was hoping it'd be a cheaper option than the ProTank and I was hoping that it'd be a better option than a Stardust.  If you get an EVOD and you're still using an eGo or an EVOD battery, then you'll probably be fine.  If you're going to use it on an APV or Mod, then you might just want to stick with the ProTank for optimal performance.

And by the way, keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming review I'm doing on a "Chinese Knockoff - Improvement" on the ProTank.  It's called the X10 and not only does it use the ProTank heads, but it also holds 4.5ml of eLiquid AND it uses a 510 drip tip too!

Update 7/21/2013: The KamryTech X10 review is UP, check it out HERE!

Update 8/4/2013: Also and very important... There's now a 2nd followup to the ProTank review online that answers the Top 10 questions about the "ProTank Compatibles".  This of course includes the EVOD, ProTank, X10, Davide, PuriTank, etc.  Check it out HERE!

Update 8/18/2013: Those of you who are already using an EVOD are about to get a wake up call.  Kanger quietly announced that they're discontinuing the EVOD HEADS and they're standardizing the ProTank heads across all ProTank / ProTank 2 / Mini ProTank / EVOD devices.  But for those of you who are considering buying one, it's my opinion that the ProTank heads are better anyway.  Don't ask me why, but the longer tube of the ProTank head means more air and more air means more flavor and more Vapor!  As of this writing, I don't know when they're supposed to stop the production of the EVOD heads though.  Maybe they'll change their mind??

Right now, I'd say that the X10 is not only better than the EVOD, but it's got the ProTank beat too!  Check it out if you're looking for a high quality vape at a budget price!

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  1. Heh heh... I almost pushed the button on the X10 as well... But now there are better alternatives... Sorry ;)

    Kanger themselves have come out with the ProTank v2 that addresses a number of issues and looks to be quite a nice impovement.

    Not only that, but there are now 2 other version 2 'clones' out there.. Here are the websites:

    The 'DBOX PuriTank Glassomizer'

    The " Any Vape Davide Glassomizer"

    I REALLY love the airy draw on the Protank V1 and am hoping they kept it with the V2... I just can't decide which of these to try first ;)

    1. I don't want to give too much away on WHY I chose the X10 over the others (that and this is the EVOD blog), but I chose it because it appears to be the only one of the ProTank clones that has the same radius as an APV or Mod. (whether it does or not I won't know for certain until I have one in my hands.)

      As always, thanks for the comments and keep your eyes peeled for the X10 review. According to the USPS, it should be here today.


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