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Monday, December 9, 2013

Svoё Mesto Kayfun Lite Clone Review

Over the past several months, I've reviewed just about every sensible device that's available at a very sensible price (hey look, I'm a poet and don't know it!).  On February 6th of this year, I went cold-turkey, and started Vaping full time.  Since then, I've been looking for the "Perfect Vape".  For the past 2 weeks I've been testing the KFLc (Kayfun Lite Clone) and let me just say that this particular review is going to be something of a shocker on a couple of fronts!

Let's see what we have here....

First of all (and possibly most importantly) the KFLc is an RBA.  So that means this is NOT a beginner device by any stretch of the imagination.  If you're a beginner (or not very adept at dealing with extremely tiny things), please stick to either a ProTank or an X10, as most RBA's may prove too much of a challenge for you to get your All Day Vape!

Now for the rest of us, let me tell you what we have here...

The Kayfun series of RBA's (regardless of which model) is basically a "much more complicated to use ProTank".  Yes, the design is ever so slightly different, but they work exactly the same way.  The key difference between the two (in its stock configuration), is that you can sub-ohm Vape with a Kayfun...

As already stated, I used this device for a grand total of 2 weeks, because I wanted to make sure that I understood this device ADEQUATELY, before I reviewed it.  I wrapped a couple of different types of coils and used a few different eLiquids in order to COMPARE the overall functionality of the device.

Included with this particular KFLc are:

3 pre-made 1.8Ω coils (using 2 strands of 2.5mm wick and 30 gauge nichrome)

A tiny Phillips-head screwdriver (for the posts)
A small Allen wrench for the Air Flow Control (AFC)
A set of replacement O-rings
A set of replacement screws (4-post, 2-AFC, 2-fill hole... WOW!)

Basically, everything you need in order to begin using it, right out of the mail AND everything you could need to maintain it going forward!  BTW, the reason I said "WOW!" above, is because the REAL Grand Vapor Trident RDA (which costs about $100) doesn't even come with spare screws!  This sub $30 device comes with EVERYTHING!

One thing to note, the one I received has a PMMA (clear) center tank, so if you use "Known Tank Cracking eLiquids", make sure that you get a KFLc that also includes a Stainless Steel center tank.  For me, the PMMA tank is great, because I like to be able to SEE when my device is about ready to be refilled!

Alright, so let's get down to business...

As you can see in the above image, the KFLc came with a pretty nice pre-wrapped coil for me to use.  The one thing that I found out upon my first rebuild, was that although it APPEARS as if they wired it diagonally, they actually wired it straight across and rotated it slightly, so that it only seemed to be done correctly.  As I later learned, it doesn't make a difference to how it works.

So with that original coil you see above, I loaded up with Grant's Vanilla Custard.  I loaded it with that eLiquid for 2 reasons...  The first, is because that's what I was testing when I received the KFLc and the second reason, was because I wasn't getting the "EGG" flavor using my X10.  I wanted to see if perhaps the KFLc was able to reproduce the flavor of GVC as close to the designed flavor as possible.

After 5 refills with GVC, the flavor never got too much better than it was already with the X10, but GVC being a 50/50 eLiquid lasted just over 4 refills before the coil needed to be replaced.

The other thing I thought I should comment on, is that for some reason I had no burning taste issues with the nichrome wire used with the included wicks.

So as you can see in the above image (I lifted the coil so that you could better see it), the coil pictured in the previous image was quite fouled, and needed to be replaced.  I captured this particular image, because I wanted to examine what a "spent coil" looked like from this kind of device.  I could have burned the gunk off, but being that I was testing it out, I wanted to experiment with setting it up, more than I wanted to be lazy! ;)

One thing I'd like to note here, is if you look at the color of the wick-ends from the above image, you can see that they're a quite dark, practically brown color.  GVC is a far cry from that color.  Due to the way that the Kayfun series of atomizers is designed, and a VAST IMPROVEMENT over the way Genesis type devices work, the fouling of  your wick and the drip-back of condensation do not contaminate the rest of the eLiquid in your tank! Which by the way, is something that the ProTank atomizers can't even do!

As you can see from the parts breakdown in the above image, the design of the "Evaporation Chamber" (round tube that's connected to the base) is largely responsible for keeping your wick/coil/condensation from co-mingling with the fresh eLiquid in your tank.

The next eLiquid that I loaded it up with, was Boba's Bounty!  If you've been following my Blog at all, you know that I really like the distinctive flavor of both BB and Gorilla Juice, so I was really excited to find out HOW the Kayfun style of RBA reproduced that flavor.

So I loaded up my 6mg BB into the Kayfun and all I can say, is that it doesn't taste quite right.  I tried a few different coils, ranging from 1.2Ω to 1.9Ω and I just couldn't find either a coil or a Voltage that made me happy.  While I don't particularly like the flavor of BB in a ProTank either, for some odd reason it tasted BETTER in a ProTank than it does in the KFLc!  Amazing...  Not surprisingly, the wick/coil lasted me 2 days before completely fouling and needing to be replaced.  This of course is on par with every other device I've used BB in, whether an AGA-T2, ProTank or this...  I really wish that Ben over at Alien Visions would make a 50/50 version of this eJuice!  One other thing to note, is I also loaded up with Gorilla Juice and directly related to that review, I'm pretty sure that GJ is NOT 100% VG, no matter what the AVE website says.  I say this, because my GJ coil lasted me 4 days before fouling.

Next, I loaded up with what I had left of the Pina Colada Ice from Mister eLiquid.  I did something different with this eLiquid.  I decided to wrap a 2.5Ω coil!  Why?  Well, that's the resistance I use with my ProTank coils, so I thought I'd see how the KFLc fared.  I'm now on my 3rd refill and this wick/coil is still going strong.  As for the flavor, it tastes/performs exactly the same as my ProTank does.  Go figure...  ;)

So the question that you need to ask yourself is this...

"Do I need to spend $26 for a KFLc or even worse, $200 for a real KFL+, or for $10, I can use a ProTank/X10/EVOD, etc....?"

Honestly, I've been trying to answer that question for 2 weeks...  The only real benefit to the KFLc over a ProTank, is that you can wrap your own wicks/coils for a fraction of the price.  The only real deficit, is that you have to wrap your own wicks/coils instead of just swapping out an atomizer head!  The other thing (and I'm just including if for completeness), is that this particular device has a slight whistle when you inhale.  When I first started to use it, I thought it would drive me crazy, but I soon began to not notice it at all.

In the end, I decided that I really do like this device, definitely more than I liked Genesis style devices and perhaps EQUAL to the ProTank (minus the need to make a wick/coil).  As a matter of fact, I went ahead and ordered a Nemesis clone along with a VW kick, both to go with the KFLc!  So keep your eyes peeled for those reviews as well!

As always, thank you so very, very, very much for your continued support, thank you for your comments and thank you for Liking it, Tweeting it, Sharing it, +1ing it and telling your dog about it, etc...  ;)

And don't forget, if you Follow this Blog (over in the right pane), you can be alerted every time I post a new review!

(images used above are mine)


  1. Ahhh... Another great review my friend :)

    I just received my "Rocket" kayfun clone... As I ordered from Fasttech before they brought out the nicer version that you have... Yes it took this long! Shipping was ridiculous and a long story... Anyway..

    After only a day of use, I love my new RBA... I'm surprised you don't get more flavor than you do from the Protanks... I certainly do... I would say it's mid way between a Protank and a dripper (RDA).

    Now that I know I like this style, I think I'll order both the 3.1 version you have and the new clone of the Kayfun lite+ or Russian 91%.

    As I've found with my dripper, I think I could probably alter the amount of flavor by varying the wick and coil I use in these... Off to experiment some more...

    Looking forward to your next great article ;)

    1. Hey TrashCat,

      You're right, the Rocket (even though it's made of inferior materials) has gotten excellent reviews! Hey, if you can get the same performance for half the price, what's not to like, right? :)

      Just to be clear, the device in this review would be most comparable to the Kayfun Lite or Kayfun Lite +. The Kayfun 3.1 has the bottom chamber.

      I did try to experiment a good deal, but I couldn't seem to hit any interesting spots. To be honest, setting it up like a ProTank @ 2.5 Ohms seemed to give it the most reliable / non-burnt performance.

      Thanks for dropping by! :)

  2. Can you take out the air flow screw or will this cause problems ad I have tried it and seem to get a better cape

  3. I have the Rocket and HATE the leaking factor...just ordered the SM clone...hope it's better

  4. Nice review but I noticed that your coils aren't set up properly to produce the nice amount of vapor. You need to make microcoils like this


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