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Sunday, October 20, 2013

ProTank Head Longevity Study

So a couple of months ago, it occurred to me that I should really try and figure out how long these heads REALLY last.  But as I tested them, I discovered something that really surprised me...

I started to use the ProTank just shortly before I conducted the CCVapes eLiquid review.  During my initial testing for the ProTank I used a lot of different eLiquids for testing, but I was using mostly 50-50 eLiquids at that time.  My very first atomizer head lasted me 10 days before it needed to be replaced.  Based on my experience with so many different devices, I believed both then and now that the ProTank was going to save me a lot of money and a lot of wasted time dealing with spent heads.

Well, here we are 5 months from the initial review and I'm still using both the ProTank and the KamryTech X10 as my primary Vaping devices.  Except I'm no longer "testing" the ProTank for a review, I'm USING IT every day, because I want to use it.  Since I'm no longer testing it, that means I don't switch eLiquids as often.  For the past couple of months, I've been using a HIGH PG content eLiquid from Hangsen and I discovered something new.

When I decided that I was going to do a ProTank Head Longevity Study back in August, I thought that I would also conduct another study.  I discovered a way to "renew" a ProTank head.  It's a little bit fiddly to do, but it can make a single head last WAY beyond "normal".  So the test that I performed for longevity was working side by side with the head-renewal experiment.  I really should make a video of how to do it...

Anyway, here's what was used and the results:

eLiquid: Hangsen USA Mix - Mint - 12mg (High PG - 80-100%)

Device: KamryTech X10 @ 2.5Ω
Battery: VAMO V3 & eGo-C 1100mah (both @ 3.7V)

Date Installed Total Days
August 5, 2013 ---
August 13, 2013 8
August 15, 2013 2
August 19, 2013 4
August 22, 2013 3
August 25, 2013 3
August 26, 2013 1
August 27, 2013 DEAD

So as you can see from the chart above, I got 8 days from a fresh 2.5Ω head.  That's pretty close to 10 and to be honest, I've had heads last me 2 whole weeks!  So whether I get 7 or 14 days out of a head, I'm thrilled!  I can afford $1.50 a week (less if you shop around).

The other part to this was the experiment.  As you can see, "renewing" the head does NOT make the head "like new".  It WORKS like new, but it doesn't LAST like new...  Of course who can argue that a little bit of fiddling isn't worth 21-22 days in total?

Hey, even Jesus has something to say about not being wasteful!

John 6:12 - So when they were filled, He said to His disciples, "Gather up the fragments that remain, so that nothing is lost."

Yes, I know that's out of context of that passage, but all too often we can find wisdom in what is said about one thing and easily apply it to another.  For those of you who don't know, as you continue to read this passage, Jesus was using this exercise to prove that He is indeed God and so much more than the Prophet that some of them thought He was.

Now a few days ago I went ahead and stocked up on Boba's Bounty.  OOH!  I need to report that I am now DOWN to 6mg nicotine!  WOO-HOO!  That's a far cry from the 18mg that I started with!  So I decided to spend some time using BB with my X10, just to see how both of them work together as an All-Day Vaping solution.

Not well...

Boba's Bounty is a 100% VG eLiquid.  VG is much thicker than PG or a blend.  I've had no flooding at all, no gurgling and the flow of eLiquid to the flavor-wicks has been excellent too.

The problem I'm having, is that the heads don't last more than *2 days* without seriously fouling.  The difference between the fouling you get after 8 days with 100%PG and 2 days with 100% VG is night and day.  After 2 days the coiled wick was 5 times more fouled than when I used 100% PG for 8 days!  YOWZA!

The other thing, is that Boba's Bounty really doesn't taste too great with the ProTank heads. I've experimented with different voltages by using my VAMO 3 and I've even tried the 1.8Ω and 2.2Ω heads as well.  There's just no combination that helps the flavor or longevity of the heads with 100% VG.  As a side note, I'm having to Vape the 2.5Ω heads @ 3.6V in order to get a reliable Vape out of the ProTank heads with Boba's Bounty.  Same goes for the 2.2Ω heads.  It seems that 3.6V is the sweet spot for both eLiquid absorption AND to produce the "best" flavor.  Again, BB doesn't taste that great with the ProTank heads.  It'll get ya by, but it'd be like eating pretzels with NO SALT AT ALL.  Pfft...  Yuk...  It's edible, but you don't really enjoy it 100%. (Remember, a pretzel without salt isn't a pretzel... It's an over-toasted bread-stick!  LOL!)

If you want to get the best performance out of Boba's Bounty, you're going to need to stick with an RBA or a Dripper of some sort.

So that's my first review since the Blog Reboot...

There's no question in this reviewers mind, that the ProTank heads are currently the #1 solution for your long-term / all-day Vaping needs.  They've been serving me perfectly for 5 months now, a far cry from the CE4-CE5 Clearomizers that I started with!  If you're still riding the fence, get off and go get one of the many devices that use the ProTank heads.  You'll be glad you did!

As always, thank you so very, very, very much for your continued support, thank you for your comments and thank you for Liking it, Tweeting it, Sharing it, +1ing it and telling your dog about it, etc...  ;)

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(image used in the post is mine)


  1. Heeeey... Welcome back! :P

    As self appointed representative of all your 15,000 viewers... We missed you! heh heh

    My pro-tank heads all seem to last at least a couple weeks... Some even more... Almost all my ejuices are 50/50... But I have no idea how that affects longevity.... There's got to be so many factors involved... It's funny, my vape style is looong 10 second drags every time... I figured that would reduce coil life, but perhaps not?

    Very much looking forward to your upcoming Kayfun clone review... I ordered the Rocket (a MUCH lower quality clone) a few days before "SvoeMesto Kayfun V3.1 ES" clone became available... Fasttech? It looks gorgeous... If the design works for me, using the Rocket, I will certainly buy the newer, prettier stainless steal clone.

    Adios for now..

    1. TrashCat,

      LOL! Thank you for the welcome back!

      Trust me, after all of the 50/50 eLiquids that I put through the ProTank and the X10, I can claim without any reservations that HIGH PG causes fouling, just as HIGH VG causes extreme fouling with ProTank Atomizers. At 50/50, much like you, I've had much longer atomizer life.

      That is why I'm so interested in the KayFun. When it first came out, I thought to myself, "THIS IS A PROTANK FOR THE BIG-BOYS!"... It uses the exact same concept, but the way it's achieved is slightly different (dual channels as opposed to a single round channel).

      It's my belief that the KayFun will handle the 100% VG eLiquids like Boba's Bounty, just as well as an AGA-T2 or a Dripper does. And making the coil is just as easy as making one for a dripper. Easier perhaps!

      I'm really excited to review it!
      But first I've got to get it!
      It's supposed to ship 11/5, so we'll see what happens!

      Thanks for checking in...

  2. Oh... Forgot to mention... To renew my heads, I remove the flavor wick and do as many dry burns as it takes for the coils to 'de-gunk' and look clean again. I've also noticed a huge difference in the speed and level of gunk that different ejuices cause to collect on the coils.

    1. Exactly what I was referring to...
      But 100% VG really gunks up the flavor wicks BAD...

      Glad to see someone else has figured this out... (not that it's too difficult) LOL!

  3. I just bumped into your blog while searching the net for Boba's bounty reviews as i'm having mine delivered next week. I was searching if the protank mini goes with boba.. have to say, my heart broke a little after reading that the protank isn't advised for it :(
    I also have an EVOD bcc and a vision mini vivi nova but they both leave a plastic taste to whatever liquid i put in there sadly. I guess i'll have to learn how to recoil.

    Thank you for this blogpost and massive head's up (to me atleast), count me in as your daily reader for new blog posts :D

    1. Felix,

      After the day that I've had, this is the nicest kindest thing I could have hoped for!

      While the ProTank won't make it taste "plastic-y", it sure doesn't even taste REMOTELY like it's supposed to. I've been Vaping it for a few days now (in my X10) and doing a "renew" on the heads, just to see if it's really a 2-day cycle and that's really what it is. After 2 days the coils are so gunked up, that even the flavor-wicks should really be replaced too!

      Thanks again for your comments and your support...
      Please don't forget to Follow, so that you're notified of new posts! :)

    2. Keith,

      I'm trying to find the Follow option xD (i'm abit dumb at times)
      But damn.. I knew 100% VG gunk coils up fast, but that fast i had no clue.

      I live in Europe and i was wondering if you could recommend me what kind of container i should use to benefit from the full flavors of liquids.
      Kinda in a pinch with my 2 protank mini's, I think i had a faulty head batch with the last purchase..

      PS: Just as you, i'm having issues finding my all day vape. So i know what you are going trough. I thought i found the El Toro Eden to be my all day vape...

      But either the liquid isn't steeped enough or my protank mini new heads are causing it.. Or what is even worse in my eyes, i got vapor tongue as i vaped that liquid for 2 weeks straight.

    3. Felix,

      You're not going to like my answer....

      To date, I have yet to find any BASIC atomizing device (Stardust, ProTank, ViVi, T3, etc) that can properly reproduce the FULL FLAVOR of Boba's Bounty. As a matter of fact, those devices I just mentioned can barely reproduce the flavors of high % PG accurately.

      The only device (singular, not plural) that I've ever had, that's ever been able to reproduce the flavor of BB is the AGA-T2, which is a rebuildable. I was also able to briefly get the full flavor of BB using an EmprireMods LR510, but if you read that review, it was not reliable for me.

      I see that you are in Belgium. It's been my experience that the Hangsen brand of eLiquids is one of the most popular brands in Europe. Please take a look at my Hangsen reviews and see if there's anything there that looks promising for you.

      Trust me, if it was easy, I'd have a Blog Post titled "BUY THIS IF YOU'RE DONE THROWING YOUR MONEY IN THE GARBAGE!", but I can't, because I can't find anything that fits that description. Either the eLiquids work great in a dripper, but are awful in a carto, or they need to be used in a carto, because an RBA will just burn the eLiquids.

      I would however like to make a recommendation. ProTank heads WORK BEST with 50-50 PG/VG. Not 70-30, 80-20, etc. Try to find something that's 50-50 and meets the flavor profile you need.



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