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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review: 4 eLiquids from Mister E-Liquid

So today I'm going to be reviewing 4 eLiquids from Mister E-Liquid!  If you've read my eLiquid reviews before, you'll know that I apply a no-nonsense, no butt-kissing approach to my reviews.  It's either made correctly or it gets a bad review!

Won't you join me?  Who knows... Maybe Mr. E. is on to something great!?

For the sake of completeness, all eLiquids tested are 6mg nicotine and were ordered @ 50-50 PG/VG ratios.

I will be testing these using my VAMO 3, so that I can control the Voltage.
I will be testing these in my Kanger ProTank as my KamryTech X10 is busy.
I will be using NEW 2.5Ω ProTank atomizer heads.

Here are my rating criteria for judging eLiquids:

  • Taste - Does it taste like what it says it's supposed to taste like?
  • Lingering Flavor - Does the flavor have PRESENCE & does it last?
  • Vapor Production - Does it make lots of Vapor?
  • Throat Hit - Is the throat hit too weak, too strong, or just right?
Testing Notes: One of the things I see all too often, is that "Flavor is subjective".  NO, your individual tastes may be subjective, but flavor is flavor.  I've never had a steak that tasted like chicken.  I've never had an orange that tasted like a banana.  I've never had a cup of coffee that tasted like Hawaiian Punch.  If you ever see me give an eLiquid a bad review, it's because they TASTE BAD and not because I don't like a particular flavor.  I don't care for the flavor of peaches and mangoes, so you won't see me review anything that contains those. Understand? For more information on this topic please read THIS Blog post...

Just so you know, I actually do pay attention to many factors that lead to the ordering process.  Such as, the website of the maker, the reputation of the maker, the prices of the eLiquid, various customer service reports, etc.  In other words, I don't just order eLiquids "willy-nilly", I try to choose products that have the APPEARANCE of quality.

I just want it to go on record, that I am reviewing Mr. E. today, because one of my readers recommended them to me.  I happen to feel that their prices are WAY TOO HIGH, perhaps they will catch on and charge a more reasonable price in the future?  Don't get me wrong, I recognize that each business has certain overhead that they need to cover, in order to stay profitable, but having dabbled in the possibility of getting into the eLiquid business myself, I know how cheap it is to make.  So with that said, let's get down to it, shall we?

Piña Colada Ice - Mr. E. basically says that this is their bright Pina Colada flavor with menthol added.  First of all, I like to TASTE the Vapor without inhaling the eLiquids.  In the mouth (without inhaling), it does not have a particularly nice flavor.  Exhaled, it doesn't have a particularly nice aroma either.  HOWEVER, a normal inhale-exhale and the Pina Colada flavor hits you right between the eyes, along with a serious menthol hit.  The aroma of the exhaled Vapor still doesn't smell anything like it tastes though.  In other words, when you exhale and ask someone next to you what it smells like, instead of Pina Colada, they're going to reply, "ummm... it doesn't smell very good".  I know this, because I attempted this exactly 6 times with identical results.  Vapor production however, is excellent and throat hit is nice, considering the 6mg nicotine level.

So I've been Vaping it now for about a half hour...  If you like to chain-vape, you're going to notice something with this eLiquid.  Because the menthol has so much presence, you're going to taste primarily menthol and the Pina Colada flavor is going to all-but disappear.  If you take 1 Vape, once every 3-4 minutes, the Pina Colada flavor will remain in front.

My final comments on this one, is that I don't believe that the PG/VG ratio is correct on this one.  It's too thick and has the "stick to your teeth and gums" feeling of an 80% VG eLiquid.  Aside from that, it really does taste like what it says on the bottle, so I've got to give it a thumbs up!  I'm planning on ordering a bottle of Pina Colada without the menthol, to see if I can enjoy that one better, because 1 Vape every 3-4 minutes is way too far apart for my usage needs.

Jade Ice - Mr. E. says that this is a watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, and coconut with menthol eLiquid.  It also says on their website that this eLiquid requires about 3 days of steeping time.  As you can see in the image above, this eLiquid was made on 11/11 and it is now 11/19, so I would think my 3 days has come and gone...  Since this eLiquid contains both pineapple and coconut flavorings, I'm expecting this one to have SOME commonality with the Pina Colada Ice eLiquid.

As expected this one does have some commonalities with the Pina Colada.  The uninhaled Vapor both tastes and smells poor.  But once it's been inhaled, it tastes much better.  Just as an FYI, this is not an uncommon problem.  Apparently making flavors is easier than finding the "secret ingredient" that makes the Vapor smell good too!  Trust me, this is one of the reasons I quit trying to make my own eLiquid.

In order of strongest to weakest, I can taste the menthol, coconut, pineapple, strawberry and I'm struggling to taste the watermelon.  I believe that they're adding the component, but I think it's being lost in the mix with the menthol.

So I've been Vaping this one for about 30 minutes now...  As time goes by, aside from the strong menthol, the strawberry element has taken over the flavor profile.  It's a good, natural strawberry taste, not a candied or jellied type of flavor.  Just for the sake of making something clear, I DO like eLiquid menthol, that's why I ordered these.  For those of you who don't know this (slightly off topic), the menthol that you find in eLiquid does NOT have the same FLAVOR qualities as what you would have had in a menthol Analog cigarette.

Final comments on this one, just like the Pina Colada Ice, I don't believe that the PG/VG ratio is correct.  The way it sticks to the teeth and gums is more like an 80% VG eLiquid.  As for my overall impression, I liked it, but not as much as I liked the Pina Colada Ice.  Again, I think the menthol has too much presence and it's stepping all over the fruit flavors.

Update 12/5/2013: I meant to add this sooner, but I got distracted and forgot until now.  About 2 weeks after I reviewed this eLiquid, it went from CRYSTAL CLEAR to a BRIGHT YELLOW in color.  On my next wick change, I'll try it again to see if the additional steep time helped at all.

Blue Voodoo - Mr. E. says that this one is a "sweet and tangy mix", but doesn't indicate what it's a sweet and tangy mix of.  Based on the reviews that I've read about this one, I've got some preconceived ideas.

So as you can see in the above image, Blue Voodoo is in fact... Blue.

Here's the quick breakdown on this one...  Vapor production and throat hit on this one is about what would be expected from a 6mg nicotine base.  Flavor on the other hand is going to be the biggest problem for me.  I use my VAMO 3 to do these reviews, so that I can adjust the Voltage to best suit a particular eLiquid.  About 97% of the time, I don't need to use anything other than 3.7V to get my "best Vape", but on this particular one, since I couldn't figure out where it needed to be, I adjusted several times...

At 3.6V, it tasted very SOUR, and anything less than 3.6V with a 2.5 ohm coil is really not hot enough to atomize any eLiquid properly.  At 3.8V-4.0V, it tasted like POWDERED KOOL-AID!

I mean it.  But not in a good way...  So I settled back at 3.7V and Vaped on it for about an hour.  At the end of an hour, I can see why the novelty of having a blue colored eLiquid might be "cool" to some people, but for me, I don't really care what color the eLiquid is, I just want it to taste GOOD...

Since I can't say whether or not this tastes like what it says on the bottle (Since Blue Voodoo isn't a "flavor"), I'll have to tell you what I taste...  To my taste buds, this tastes like a cross between peaches and perhaps Ecto-Cooler flavored powdered Kool-Aid mix.

For completeness, many people, in many reviews, claimed that this tasted like Blue Raspberry Jolly Ranchers.  All I can say is, "No...."

I don't care for this one, so I won't recommend it...
Unless you need a blue colored eLiquid for some reason...

Psycho Citrus - This particular one was a freebie.  It also happens to be 33% VG as opposed to the 50% that the others were ordered at.  Additionally, it also happens to have NO nicotine in it whatsoever....

This is the Mister E-Liquid take on the alcoholic beverage "Hpnotiq".  If you're not familiar with it, Hpnotiq is a blue colored Vodka, that's flavored with an assortment of fruit juices.

I've actually had Hpnotiq before and it's really not bad.

But as for Psycho Citrus, according to Mr. E. this one is "their take on the classic Hypnotic blended with extra grape fruit for a nice zing".  I've been Vaping this for about an hour now and here are my thoughts...

First of all, some things have been clarified for me by trying this one...  First of all, the viscosity of this eLiquid lends itself to being a PROPERLY mixed 50-50 PG/VG, not the 33% VG that it's labeled as.  Next, this particular eLiquid has the second BEST flavor of all of the eLiquids I tried today.  The thing about this one, is it's CLEAR that whatever flavorings make this eLiquid taste the way it does are also present in Blue Voodoo!  I know this, because I'm getting that same Powdered Kool-Aid flavor with this one too.  Perhaps it's related to their "Grapefruit" flavoring?  I'm not saying that it tastes like Blue Voodoo, I'm saying that there's definitely a commonality of some of the flavor components between the 2 eLiquids.

As for Vapor production, it's awesome...  There's ZERO throat hit, which is what I'd expect from an eLiquid with ZERO nicotine and ZERO menthol.

Does it live up to it's NAME of Psycho Citrus?  Sure.  Does it live up to it's description as a "take on Hpnotiq", absolutely not.  I pulled an actual bottle of Hpnotiq from the bar, smelled it just to remind myself and took a small sip too.  This one has a lot of bad reviews on the Mr. E. website, but I think it tastes very pleasant!  I say to go get some, just make sure you get the right amount of nicotine for your needs!

This review has shaped up to be my 3rd best review for American made eLiquid (right behind Boba's Bounty and Gorilla Juice).  I've tasted way, way, WAY worse eLiquids from companies with far greater fanfare, and all I can tell you is that this stuff is pretty good.  My only REAL complaint, is that the system they're using to determine a 50-50 PG/VG mix is wrong.  Is this a big deal?  Yes, because I've conclusively determined that the amount of PG & VG in your eLiquids is directly proportional to how quickly you foul your wick & coil assemblies.  A *real* 50-50 mix gives a *real* 2 weeks of happy Vaping.  As the percentages move from side to side (in either direction), the Vape time of your coil starts to go down dramatically.

Thank you very much Mister E-Liquid for selling me quality made eLiquids today.  Again, 3 out of 4 eLiquids is probably one of the best "group" reviews I've ever done!

NOTE: I know I said that they charge too much, and they do... For their smaller sized bottles.  If you buy a 120ml bottle, their prices are downright affordable.  But spending 87.5¢ per ml of eLiquid (or $8.75 for a 10ml bottle that includes shipping) is highway robbery...  People need to TRY your eLiquids before they invest in larger quantities.  Perhaps you can better motivate NEW orders by lowering your prices on the 10ml sample sizes...  Just a thought!

As always, thank you so very, very, very much for your continued support, thank you for your comments and thank you for Liking it, Tweeting it, Sharing it, +1ing it and telling your dog about it, etc...  ;)

And don't forget, if you Follow this Blog (over in the right pane), you can be alerted every time I post a new review!

(images used are either mine, from Google, Wikipedia or Copyright 2013 Mister E-Liquid)


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