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Sunday, July 21, 2013

KamryTech X10 Review

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Before we begin, I want to make a statement....

I am an American.  As such, I would always give a U.S.A. Made product the first chance.  As the product that I'm reviewing is a direct competitor to a product that is already made in China, I see no issue.  As with most things, "may the best man win".....

So today I'll be reviewing a direct competitor to the Kanger ProTank...
It's called the KamryTech X10...

Some of you might be curious as to why I would want to review this particular item.  The answer is simple.  While the ProTank is currently my favorite device, the thing that makes it my favorite has nothing to do with the design of the ProTank.  It's all about how it performs...  The thing that makes it perform, is not the body of the ProTank... It's the engine!

The engine behind the ProTank is the atomizer head...

It's the atomizer that makes the ProTank my favorite, because I can tell you this much... The physical design of the ProTank is nothing particularly special.

So that brings us to the second question...  There are a few competitors for the ProTank out right now.  We have the Anyvape Davide, the Puritank and of course, the ProTank 2 is coming out in a couple of days.  So why am I not testing these?  Well, it's back to dollars and cents.  The new ProTank 2 is selling for about $19.50.  The KamryTech X10 can be purchased for about $10 or so!  With that kind of savings, I can purchase 2-X10's or 1-X10 and about 10 atomizer heads!!!  Call me crazy, but I'd rather have the atomizers than the ProTank body itself.

So with that, I present to you the KamryTech X10:

As you can see from the image above, the X10 is available in multiple colors, uses the 510 drip tip of your choice (but comes with the one pictured) and it even comes with a ProTank "style" atomizer head.

Now that we've been properly introduced, let me tell you what we're working with here...

The tip, top and bottom are all Stainless Steel.  I'm not 100% certain, but I believe that the body itself is made of Aluminum and the tank is ABS Plastic.  Now if you're not using a cinnamon or citrus eLiquid, you've got nothing to worry about, but if you are using one of those types of eLiquids that's known to crack ABS, then you'll want to stick with Glass.  Since I don't use any "harmful" or "corrosive" eLiquids, I don't mind ABS at all.

Update 7/22/2013: For those of you who might be wondering, the X10's base will NOT fit onto the ProTank (and vice versa).  The X10 is  W I D E R  than the ProTank.

Update 7/27/2013: Based on what some of you are searching for, I'm adding this bit.  The X10 heads WILL fit into the ProTank as they're completely thread compatible.  I wouldn't use them (keep reading), but they do fit and function as expected.

My first experience with the X10 was pleasant.  I unscrewed the base and began to fill it up with more than 4ml of eLiquid.  I usually measure exactly, but this time I didn't.  I just refilled it and took the time to check.  It takes EXACTLY 4.5ml of eLiquid.  Happy just went to happier!  I'm just thrilled to be able to fit 4.5ml's into a tank again.  6ml would be better, but progress is progress.

The one thing I noticed right away about the ProTank-knockoff atomizer head, is that both the inner and outer diameter is NOTICEABLY smaller.  I'm expecting a much tighter draw than I'm used to.  But first, I connect the X10 to my VAMO 2.0 in order to test to make sure that the head is good.  The first time I connected it, it showed that it was 5.1 ohms!  As Scooby would say, "Ruh-roh"...  So I gave it a quick dry-fire and it leveled off immediately at 2.4ohms.  It happens sometimes, it's no big deal.

So I finish loading it up, screw the base back on (while holding the top securely) and I start to Vape...  Looks like I'm right about the draw.  It's significantly tighter than the ProTank heads.  2-3 minutes into testing it out, it stopped firing.  The VAMO says that it's 9.9ohms, which is VAMO-Speak for "You have an open circuit".  So I took the base off, removed and reseated the head and reassembled it.  It started working again, but quit after another 3-4 minutes of use.

You know what?  That's fine with me.  I figured if the head that came with it worked, it'd be a great bonus, but since it doesen't, I'd much rather use it with a ProTank head anyway.  So I went ahead and put a 2.5ohm ProTank head in and when I went to put it back together I noticed that the ProTank heads JUST FIT.  By "just", I mean that they're PERFECT.  Not tight and no wiggle room.

Vaping with the ProTank head in the X10 is EXACTLY what I hoped it would be....  It's got the performance of a ProTank with the extra added ability to put 4.5ml of eLiquid and my own drip tip!  

Needless to say, I'm a very happy camper and THIS is now my favorite "device"...  I wouldn't dream of using the X10 heads (they are available).  I'm 48 hours in right now and there's no leaking AND the one other thing I forgot to mention earlier, is that the X10 is almost EXACTLY the same diameter as an average APV/MOD.  Something that neither the ProTank, ProTank 2, PuriTank nor the Davide can claim.  All that means, is that you have a more seamless transition from your atomizer to your battery...  It just looks cleaner.

Unless I come across some catastrophic failure of some kind, this is my new all day Vaping device.  I will still refer to and purchase the ProTank heads, as Kanger truly knocked one out of the park with this atomizer head.  For someone like me that has an extremely sensitive sense of taste and smell, there's no doubt that the ProTank heads produce the same flavor & Vapor production of an RBA like an AGA-T2.  I hate to say this, but if you've tried the ProTank and you find them muted, I can promise you that it's either your eLiquid or your taste buds.

As far as the performance of different eLiquids, since this is essentially a ProTank Upgrade, there's no need to try out different eLiquids.  Trust me, the way your device reacts to different levels of PG/VG in your eLiquid isn't effected by the construction of your tank.

Finally, there are some reviews out there that claim the X10 starts to gurgle and flood once you get down to the bottom of the tank.  This might be true IF you're using the X10 heads, but it most certainly IS NOT true with the ProTank heads.  I'd venture to guess that since the ProTank heads fit PERFECTLY into the draw-tube, that there's no room for gurgling.

I'd give the X10 about 50-thumbs up if I had 25 sets of hands.  Since I don't, I have no choice but to give it 2.  The only thing that could make this marginally better, is if it had a Pyrex tank.  Like I said earlier, unless you're using a corrosive eLiquid (WHY, WHY, WHY would you want to), then you don't really need Glass.

Update 7/25/2013: Have you ever heard of a "fortunate accident"?  Well I have, but don't think that I've ever had one...  

Take a look at this:

I was going to clean something up (look at the table), so I put my VAMO 2 down and don't ask me how, but it tipped over and fell on the floor.  NOOOOOO!!!!  When it fell, the BASE separated from the ABS tank.  I thought it was a gonner, so I took the aluminum cover off, just to look at it.  After I took the cover off, it occurred to me that my tank wasn't broken, it was just "pressure fit".  So I did what anyone would do...  I put it back together, just without the aluminum piece.  You know what?  I like it better like this.

How can I possibly like this thing any more than this?!

There's a whole bunch of places out there selling these...
Go get one!  ;)

Due to popular demand, the X10 is now available for purchase at  Let them know you read about it here!  You won't get anything special, but it'll make them happy!

Update 8/4/2013: Also and very important... There's now a 2nd followup to the ProTank review online that answers the Top 10 questions about the "ProTank Compatibles".  This of course includes the X10, ProTank, EVOD, Davide, PuriTank, etc.  Check it out HERE!

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  1. Thank you for a great and detailed review . I have a question. I ordered a Mangy x10 and also 3 of the Kanger ProTank 2.5 ohm atomizers ,so after replacing the x10 atomizer with the manager one , I find that I cannot get the
    base of the x10 to re-seat and screw down . I can swap them back and it screws down no problem. Any ideas?

  2. Sorry about the stupid auto correction "Mangy" should be Kamry and "manager" should be Kanger.

    1. Anonymous from TN,

      Just so you know, I was actually researching "Mangy X10" when you wrote your followup! ;)

      The only thing I can think of, is a situation that had happened with a young woman I was helping out, at a local B&M. She had incorrectly screwed the atomizer onto the base and no matter what she did, she could never get them seated.

      I am now on my 5th or 6th atomizer head for the X10, so it'd be hard for me to say that it's the atomizer.

      Just make sure that the o-ring on the base and the o-ring on the underside of the Kanger atomizer are seated properly.

      Which reminds me, you might want to check inside of the atomizer receptacle and see if an o-ring from the X10 is maybe lodged in the threads? That would explain why the X10 head fits and the ProTank head won't go in...

      The only other thing I can think of, is maybe they're not ProTank heads. Maybe you accidentally received similar looking atomizer heads?

      Rest assured, the X10 is designed to fit ProTank heads, so there must be a logical explanation. Please let us know how you resolve it.

      Thanks for your compliments and comments...

    2. thanks for you speedy reply and intel. let me explain my issue another way... the ProTank head fits on the x10 base perfectly its once i go to reattach the base with the ProTank head in it to the x10 tank is where the problem arises. its as if something is preventing the base from seating down enough to grab the threads to thighten down on to the tank. in other words it just spins and spins and never grabs the threads to tighten down on to the tank. im so puzzled.
      thanks again

    3. ...addtionally i ordered the ProTank heads from DV so i believe them to be correct, although i know mistakes can be made. just curious, do your heads come in a blister pack (like some medications come in)??

    4. Ratubbs,

      Yes, that's the usual way the ProTank heads are packaged.

      I've had that problem too, but it's never been related to the atomizer head, and always related to the fine clear/white o-ring that's on the X10 Base itself. When I have that happen, I simply move the o-ring all the way down to the base of the threads and then the base screws right on.

      Like I said, the ProTank heads are a perfect fit for the X10, so there's obviously something "not seen" that's causing the problem. You'll figure it out, just don't force it on! ;)

  3. I just registered that is me above .
    Thanks again for what your doing here.

  4. Thank you for your reviews! I am a new vaper from Ireland! Keep up the great work!

    Yours sincerely and respectfully,

    S. Edwards

    1. S. Edwards,

      Thank you so much for your kind words....

      When I first found out about Vaping, I was skeptical yet hopeful. I spent a lot of time reading forums and reviews and just couldn't commit to any of the forums, because the opinions on everything were so diverse and inconsistent, that it made it impossible to follow any one thing.

      I pray that you learn as many things as possible to make your transition from Analog cigarettes to Vaping! And who knows, maybe once your dependency on Analogs has past, perhaps you'll even quit altogether!?

      Thanks again for your comment...

  5. How on Earth did you get the metal sleeve off? I got the X10 specifically because I wanted it to look clear/sleek like yours, and I cannot get the dern thing to budge!


    1. Anonymous,

      Like I said in my post... "Fortunate Accident"....

      The one I have was just pressure fit, so if I try, I can get it off/on with little effort. I'm still actually using the exact same X10 pictured in my review, as my go-to device. I haven't even seen the ProTank in about a month.... (alright, that's a lie... I see it every time I walk past my Vaping shelf, I just ignore it)... :) I think that's a true statement for it's ability to stand up to everyday Vaping. Almost 3 months and it's still in 100% condition, even without the sleeve.

      I wish I could make a suggestion on how to remove it on purpose, but as they say... "I got nuthin'"... ;)

      Best of luck and thanks for the question!

  6. I'm in the army and I really don't want to smoke "normal cigerates" but that vaping apperatis seems bulky. Any suggestions on something slim/normal CIG size so I can take it to the field with me?

    1. Anonymous,


      There are literally hundreds of "cigarette sized" Vaping solutions, but I can't seem to find ANY that actually work/taste good enough to REPLACE cigarettes.

      Actually, the NJOY King works/tastes great, but at $9.95 each, coupled with the fact that they're disposable, it's not a real option. I actually tried the NJOY rechargeable solution and it was absolutely disgusting!

      I know it doesn't really help you right now, but I've been actively looking for a REAL cig-sized option. Not just to review, but for my own convenience!

      You hear that eCig manufacturers!? Get your stuff together and make something cig-sized that WORKS GOOD, LASTS & TASTES GOOD TOO! Neither Philip Morris nor RJ Reynolds are having much luck on that front either...

      Stay safe and if anyone knows of anything, please let me know!

      Thanks for the question... :)

    2. Any 510-style and threaded battery, using a Kanger E-Smart or Vision nano tank. Biggest issue is the tanks are not even "semi" rebuildable like a protank. I wouldn't call this set-up "soldier-proof" either, but it can attest that it works. Tons of places online sell the e-smarts as a kit with battery, tank, charger. As good as even an EGO-style device? No, but close. Better than any carto system I've ever tried? 1000%. My opinion, YMMV.

  7. I need help and it seems you're the one to go to :) I've been using cartomizers for 4 yrs. I tried the first tank get up, it was a CE4 and you're right, They get that burnt taste that doesn't go away. I'm wanted something inexpensive yet works good. Would you recommend the Kanger pro tank or the Evod, which would be the best? Thank you so much for helping me and others. :)


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