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Friday, February 21, 2014

Review: Lemon Ice from Mister E-Liquid

So a couple of months ago I brought in 4 eLiquids from Mr. E and they were not too bad.  Having had a recent lull in my eLiquid choices, I decided to try another new one from them.  Lemon Ice!

So let's get down to business....

For the sake of completeness, this eLiquid has 6mg nicotine and was ordered @ 50-50 PG/VG ratio.

I will be testing this one using my VAMO 3, so that I can control the Voltage.
I will be testing this one in my RG400.
I will be using a 2.5Ω ProTank atomizer head in the RG400.

Here are my rating criteria for judging eLiquids:

  • Taste - Does it taste like what it says it's supposed to taste like?
  • Lingering Flavor - Does the flavor have PRESENCE & does it last?
  • Vapor Production - Does it make lots of Vapor?
  • Throat Hit - Is the throat hit too weak, too strong, or just right?
  • Exhaled Aroma - Does the exhale SMELL the same as the inhale TASTES?
Testing Notes: One of the things I see all too often, is that "Flavor is subjective".  NO, your individual tastes may be subjective, but flavor is flavor.  I've never had a steak that tasted like chicken.  I've never had an orange that tasted like a banana.  I've never had a cup of coffee that tasted like Hawaiian Punch.  If you ever see me give an eLiquid a bad review, it's because they TASTE BAD and not because I don't like a particular flavor.  I don't care for the flavor of peaches and mangoes, so you won't see me review anything that contains those. Understand? For more information on this topic please read THIS Blog post...

So as you can see in the above list of criteria, I've officially added a new one.  I've been including that particular piece of information since the beginning and I suppose that it was an oversight that should have been included all along.  Trust me, I've recently had a huge influx of "new" eLiquid makers sending me their stuff to try...  All I can tell you, is it's a huge accomplishment just to get your Watermelon flavored eLiquid to taste like watermelon.  But when the Vapor SMELLS like burning tires, I don't call that an accomplishment, that's an outright DISASTER...  And of course, that's the primary reason that I've added "Exhaled Aroma" as a proper criteria now.

So the first thing that I noticed about this eLiquid, is something I've NEVER, EVER seen before.  There's a yellow LAYER of FLUID floating above the rest of the liquid in the bottle.  I've been testing this for the better part of 5 days now and no matter how much or how often I shake the bottle, it will not HOMOGENIZE permanently.  After about 4-6 hours, it begins to collect and rise to the surface again.  The other interesting thing about this eLiquid, is that IT IS NOT CLEAR, it's "cloudy".

So with those observations out of the way, let's talk about performance...

As with the last review from Mr. E, they seem to have somewhat of a handle on their PG/VG ratios.  To be honest, the way this one Vaporizes, I've got the impression that there's a little too much PG in this one.  Perhaps closer to 60/40?  This is the one area that most eLiquid makers are still struggling with...  Throat hit is spot on for a 6mg eLiquid.  Vapor production is a bit too mild for my tastes.  The exhaled aroma is spot on with the flavor as well.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to dial this eLiquid in on my APV.  I was finally able to get the best flavor out of this eLiquid by setting my VAMO 3 to 6.0W.  I know some of you reading will be confused by this, but I can assure you that 99% of the eLiquids you'll use DO NOT need to be operated above 7W.  Most of the eLiquids I've used have their "sweet spots" in the 3.5-3.8V range.

But how does it taste?!

Well, have you ever tasted a lemon peel?  Well, it kind of tastes like that, only it's not as strong as a peel would be (if you've never bit into a lemon peel, I highly recommend that you continue to resist the urge.  it does not taste good)  I've seen a couple of reviews out there that claimed it tasted like furniture polish, however my review does not support that.  To be honest, I like the smell of furniture polish, so if it "tasted like" Lemon Pledge smells, I'd probably be okay with that!  ;)

But in all seriousness, I've been using it as an ADV (All day Vape) for the past few days and it's not bad.  I'm not 100% sure that i'd put it into a standard rotation, but I'm not disappointed that I ordered it.  The only really disappointing thing, is that (for whatever reason), the formula for this one is either "poorly concocted" or somebody mixed or otherwise prepared it wrong.

As always, thank you so very, very, very much for your continued support, thank you for your comments and thank you for Liking it, Tweeting it, Sharing it, +1ing it and telling your dog about it, etc...  ;)

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(images used are either mine, from Google or Copyright 2014 Mister E-Liquid)

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