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Monday, July 22, 2013

Review: 6 eLiquids from Hangsen

Of all the things that I've been complimented on, my thoroughness and the ability to "tell it like it is" have been the most prominent.  I want you to understand this, before you read this review...

Today, I'll be reviewing 6 eLiquids from Hangsen.  Before I begin (and especially if this is your first time reading my reviews) I want you to understand my rating criteria.  Unlike some "website-magazines" that shall remain nameless, I don't require that vendors send me free stuff, so you can be sure that I'll give it to you straight...

Here are my rating criteria for judging eLiquids:
  • Taste - Does it taste like what it says it's supposed to taste like?
  • Lingering Flavor - Does the flavor have PRESENCE & does it last?
  • Vapor Production - Does it make lots of Vapor?
  • Throat Hit - Is the throat hit too weak, too strong, or just right?
Testing Notes: One of the things I see all too often, is that "Flavor is subjective".  NO, your individual tastes may be subjective, but flavor is flavor.  I've never had a steak that tasted like chicken.  I've never had an orange that tasted like a banana.  I've never had a cup of coffee that tasted like Hawaiian Punch.  If you ever see me give an eLiquid a bad review, it's because they TASTE BAD and not because I don't like a particular flavor.  I don't care for the flavor of peaches and mangoes, so you won't see me review anything that contains those. Understand? For more information on this topic please read THIS Blog post...

I've been on a quest for several months now, to find an "All Day Vape" that not only lives up to its name, but is also affordable.  I've tried almost too many to count, and most of them USA made by the way, and so far "no dice".  I tried bringing in some Dekang from China, but those were a flop.  I've heard a lot of great things about Hangsen (also from China), so it's time to give them a try.

It's my belief, that eLiquids SHOULD NOT BE EXPENSIVE.  Seriously, the ingredients that go into making them are dirt cheap when they're purchased in bulk!  As a matter of fact, I had an eLiquid maker introduce himself to me as follows, "Me: So what do you do for a living?  Him: I take stuff that's dirt cheap and sell it for big $$$.  Me: Really, what do you do?  Him: I make and sell eLiquids."  Of course he had no idea that I was a Vaping Blogger.  And of course due to his overwhelming amount of humility, I've never purchased a thing from him.

Having begun dabbling in DIY, with the hopes of creating my own eLiquid, I now have a better understanding of HOW MUCH eLiquids should sell for.  Allow me to give you a couple of examples...

Average prices for USA Made "Boutique eLiquid" should not exceed 60¢ per ml.
Average prices for USA Made "Mass produced eLiquid" should be 50¢ per ml.
Average prices for Mass produced Chinese eLiquid should be around 15¢ per ml.
See where I'm going here?

Since the Chinese have really geared up an entire INDUSTRY around eCigs and eLiquids, they out-produce USA makers by a factor of about 5,000 to 1.  USA makers can't compete with prices like that.  The Chinese have real "buying power" and it's paying off for them big-time!

If you're one of those people who think that the Chinese don't meet cleanliness standards or they work in sweat-shop type environments, you NEED to watch this video...

Alright, time to see what I've got myself into with this review...

All eLiquids will be tested in my Kanger ProTank with my VAMO 2.0...
All eLiquids were ordered with 12mg nicotine and they are all 90% PG / 10% VG.

USA Mix - Mint - I discovered this concoction about a month ago and I liked it so much that I thought I should seek out a less expensive alternative.  I've found it.  The USA Mix - Mint from Hangsen is a real contender for an ADV (All Day Vape) for me.  It's got an awesome mint flavor, with a really nice tobacco undertone.  Vapor production, throat hit and flavor are all SPOT ON.  I'm a happy camper!

Do I like this eLiquid?  What's not to like?  It tastes like what it says on the label, the nicotine level is perfect, and it Vapes like a dream.  Go find some!  But know this, USA Mix - Mint IS DIFFERENT FROM USA Mix - Menthol!  Be sure you order the right one.

Fruit Mix - Look, I love fruit flavors and I've been looking everywhere trying to find flavors that actually taste like what it says on the bottle.  I haven't had much luck in that department.  I am always terrified when I order something as nondescript as "Fruit Mix", with no other explanation.  I always think I'm going to wind up with something that has peaches in it (I really don't like peaches).  

Guess what?  This eLiquid tastes like a mix of Melon & Peaches!  AHHHHH!!!!

However....  I did not v@m1+ (look at that, 1337 speak for vomit, lol).  Anyway, I Vaped on this for about 30 minutes and having not gotten sick from the taste, I can say that it's a win.  Same Vapor production, throat hit and lingering flavor as the USA Mix - Mint.

Do I like this eLiquid?  What's not to like?  Nicotine level is perfect, flavor is (kind of) what it says on the bottle, Vapor production is awesome too.  If you like melon & peaches, then what's not to like?  Go get some!

Mint - During the debacle, which is the NicoPure Labs review, I discovered a really tasty Peppermint eLiquid.  I figured that I'd give the Hangsen variant a whirl, in the off chance that they're similar.  They're not.  While this one is minty, it doesn't have the Vapor production of the others.  It does have a good and lasting flavor, throat hit is mild, but without the Vapor, it's just "ok" by my standards.  In other words, you could do worse and probably have.  If you want mint, maybe try the USA Mix - Mint instead, trust me, it's better.

RY4 - So if you've been following this Blog closely, you know that I've been trying to find a really good RY4 eLiquid.  Here's a snippet from my ECBlend review about RY4...

"RY4 is one of those "chronicled" eLiquids from back in the day.  Long story short, the company who created it (Ruyan), is no longer in business.  If your all day Vape was RY4, you were in trouble when your inventory ran out!  So a bunch of different people started trying to put together their own version of the original.  Since nobody has the actual recipe that Ruyan uses, it's been a "crap shoot" to try to mix something that tastes close to the original."

RY4 is essentially a mix of Tobacco(s), Caramel & Vanilla.  The exact ingredients and proportions used in the original are largely unknown, so everybody in the eLiquid business tries to concoct their own offering.  Every once in a while, I feel compelled to try another one, in the hope that I'll find one I'll like.  As the prices of Hangsen eLiquid are extremely affordable, I don't mind trying theirs out.  I'll probably give up on finding an RY4 if this review doesn't pan out.

Something about the Hangsen blend of RY4 is lacking for me.  I'm getting the tobacco, but the only other flavor that I can detect is perhaps almond.  I'm not detecting any caramel or vanilla.  I also feel that the overall flavor profile on this one is lacking, as it's very mild tasting.  Throat hit and Vapor production were as expected.  I unloaded this one as soon as I finished reviewing it (roughly 1 hour of Vaping).

Banana - During the CCVapes review, I came across one of their flavors that was supposed to have banana as a supporting player, but instead wound up taking the lead role.  I usually don't like banana flavored "things", but while I was picking out eLiquids to try, I decided to get something that is "Banana on purpose" to see how it tastes...

I hate to say it, but this tastes more like an unripened banana than it does a proper banana.  If you've ever eaten a green banana, that's exactly what this tastes like.  Really.  It smells really good in the bottle, but the transition to being atomized is losing something for me.  Both throat hit and Vapor production are excellent though.  So if you want to try this one, I'd say go ahead, just keep in mind that it's not a very ripe tasting banana flavor.

Chocolate Cream - Alright, so this last one was an interesting choice for me.  99% of the reviews I see online for "chocolate" flavored eLiquids come back with a negative rating.  Hangsen actually has a plain chocolate also, but I decided not to tempt fate and to try their chocolate cream variety instead.  In the bottle it smells very interesting, so I'm looking forward to tasting this one.

Sadly, this one is the worst of the bunch.  Chocolate is not what this one tastes like.  Frankly I don't know what it is, but it's not chocolate.  LOL...  I don't like it, can't place what it tastes like and I don't want to taste it any more.

Hey, as far as reviews go, 3 out of 6 is a pretty good score coming from me.  There's no question that this is a mixed review.  Hangsen has more than 200 (maybe 300) eLiquids available.  I don't have enough money (or time) to go through every single one.  I highly recommend you give Hangsen a try, you may just find something that you'll love as much as I do their USA Mix - Mint.

There are literally 100's of e-tailers out there selling the Hangsen eLiquids.  If buying "American" is one of your pet peeves, remember that business owners in the United States sell Chinese products.  Those Americans running those American businesses need your support too.

Update 8/27/2013: Be sure and see the review I just put up on 6 Tobacco flavored eLiquids from Hangsen.  There's a couple of really interesting ones there that you might like too.

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  1. To me, the Hangsen chocolate cream was absolutely horrible. Tried it with an EVOD and lavatube, and I felt like puking after a few puffs. Sort of a warm, fatty, disgusting cream taste, like if you put slightly rancid 30% cream in your coffee. Abso-lutely horrible.

    However, I like their RY4. The thing with it was that it needed to be aired for a couple of weeks in an open container. In the beginning it just had a sweetness on the inhale and a terrible ashtray taste on the exhale. But now it's my all day vape. The sweetness has developed into a recognizable caramel, and there's that hint of vanilla on the exhale (especially if exhaling through the nose), and the ashtray has developed much closer to actual tobacco. It's not the best RY4 I've ever had, but certainly the best value at 14eur/100ml from . (Which is what they charge for all their Hangsen stock)

    One thing I have to say: I also got the VG version (regular is 80/20 pg/vg) in a 5ml tester bottle, and even after a full month of airing it, there is simply no taste. Or almost none at least. So go for the high PG, as PG carries the flavour much better. Not to mention that a stock Protank/EVOD might have trouble wicking a VG juice.

    1. Aleksi,

      You and I are definitely in agreement on the Chocolate Cream. That was really one of my top 5 most disgusting Vapes to date!

      I actually did have a chance (a while back) to taste the Hangsen 100% VG line of eLiquids.... I didn't bother reviewing them, because there was really no point. As you said, "no taste".

      Which by the way, there's something else I should mention... I do not like what the Vaping world has labeled "STEEPING". I do it on Gorilla Juice from AVE, but that's as far as I can be bothered. Having to buy it, in order to STORE IT for later use is a nuisance for me.

      As for the "value" associated with Chinese made eLiquids, I couldn't agree more. The Hangsen Marlboro Mint & Fruit Mix are two eLiquids that don't disappoint AND they're as "cheap as chips"!

      Thanks for your comments...

  2. Hi! I also thought Hangsen Chocolate Cream would be a safer bet than plain chocolate. It is horrible. Received some last week. I spent three days trying to accept/figure out what it tasted like. I did not taste chocolate, just nasty chemicals. I threw away a brand new 30ml bottle (with 27 ml left in it). It was not the worst thing I've vaped, but it was unacceptable. In defense of Hangsen, I also received RY4, Cappuccino, Peppermint, and Spearmint. They are all very pleasant. Best of all, when ordered directly from China, they were all dirt cheap (Fasttech).

  3. Hi I just started vaping three months ago, Im not familiar with "steeping" what is that?

  4. dbrum is great. banana is acceptable, pina colada is horrible.

  5. I just got butterscotch, cheesecake, blueberry and pepper soda. Very disappointing. The blueberry tastes like red bull the pepper soda tastes like licorice (which I hate) and the cheesecake and butterscotch taste the same as each other which is too sickly sweet for more than two or three drags. Won't be buying hangsens again


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