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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review: Vitamin A eLiquid from Hangsen

So today's review is about something that there's next to NOTHING available to read about on the Internet.

If you want to read about Justin Beiber, Google has "About 614,000,000 results".

If you want to read about Jessica Beil, Google has "About 57,500,000".

If you want to read about Hangsen's mysterious Vitamin A eLiquid.....

Well, Google will provide you with exactly "7 results".  Go ahead - try it: CLICK

(And 4 of them take you to this website! - LOL)

If your eLiquid choosing methods involve reading what other people have to say about a particular flavor that you're not familiar with, join the club.  Except in rare circumstances (like the Hangsen Tobacco Review), I generally don't order things I can't identify.  Over the course of 3 months, I kept watching and waiting to see if any real reviews would pop up, but nothing has.

According to Wikipedia, Vitamin A is responsible for a whole range of things, including: Vision, Gene transcription, Immune function, Embryonic development and reproduction, Bone metabolism, Haematopoiesis, Skin and cellular health, Antioxidant activity, etc.

Also according to Wikipedia, the best sources of Vitamin A are: cod liver oil, liver (turkey, beef, pork, chicken), dandelion greens, carrot, broccoli leaf, sweet potato, butter, kale, spinach, pumpkin, collard greens, Cheddar cheese, cantaloupe melon, egg, apricot, papaya, mango, pea, broccoli, milk, tomatoes & Seaweed.

So I can only guess, that Hangsen thought people might want to get their Vitamins while Vaping!?  First of all, I think that's pretty darn clever!  However, apparently it's easy to overdose on Vitamin A, and from what I've read over at Wikipedia, you don't want to do it.

But this isn't a Health website...  Here, we do our best to offer you Vaping related advice, suggestions, warnings and opinions.

So let's get down to business....

I will be testing this one using my VAMO 3, so that I can control the Voltage.
I will be testing this one in my KamryTech X10.
I will be using a 2.5Ω ProTank atomizer head.

Here are my rating criteria for judging eLiquids:

  • Taste - Does it taste like what it says it's supposed to taste like?
  • Lingering Flavor - Does the flavor have PRESENCE & does it last?
  • Vapor Production - Does it make lots of Vapor?
  • Throat Hit - Is the throat hit too weak, too strong, or just right?
Testing Notes: One of the things I see all too often, is that "Flavor is subjective".  NO, your individual tastes may be subjective, but flavor is flavor.  I've never had a steak that tasted like chicken.  I've never had an orange that tasted like a banana.  I've never had a cup of coffee that tasted like Hawaiian Punch.  If you ever see me give an eLiquid a bad review, it's because they TASTE BAD and not because I don't like a particular flavor.  I don't care for the flavor of peaches and mangoes, so you won't see me review anything that contains those. Understand? For more information on this topic please read THIS Blog post...

This particular eLiquid is 12mg nicotine and of indeterminate PG/VG ratio.  Although Hangsen's default recipe is 80% PG / 20% VG, I can not confirm it.

Vitamin A flavored eLiquid - As this is the only flavor being reviewed, I can be a little bit wordy in this review.  However even though I have the platform, I don't think I have the words!

In the bottle, it's an average "light-golden" color.  The aroma while in the bottle, smells like a mixture of unflavored PG & VG (I just checked).  The Vapor production is good and throat hit is what would be expected from a 12mg nicotine level.

But the big question (and the reason you're here) is to find out how it tastes!

Flavor, flavor, flavor....  Where is the flavor (or flavour if you're in the UK!).

So my nose doesn't lie...  It's absolutely, positively, utterly and completely flavorless.

But wait, there's more!

The exhaled Vapor has an aroma!
But it's nothing you'd want to smell...
It smells like burning eLiquid... YUMMY! (not)

Hangsen offers a few "Vitamin" flavored eLiquids, I'm assuming as a method of MAYBE trying to offer you a truly healthy eLiquid alternative.  Since I'm not a food Scientist, I can't offer you any thoughts on how much Vitamin A might actually make it into your blood stream from a Vaporized eLiquid mixture.  My guess, is neither can Hangsen...

So if you're looking for the next big thing in eLiquid, you won't find it here...

Hangsen does however have some really good and consistently made flavors available.  Go ahead and read these 2 reviews for some better options:

Like I've said before, don't be afraid to try new eLiquids...
You may just find something you like!

Also and very important... If you like something that I say is "junk", please, for the Love of God, please just keep using it.  Anything has to be better for you than an Analog Cigarette!

Update 11/4/2013: I'd like to give a special thank you to iinweed, who gave this Blog a plug in the FT forums!  :)  Thank you!

As always, thank  you for your support, thank you for your comments and thank you for Liking it, Tweeting it, Sharing it, +1ing it and telling your dog about it, etc...  ;)

(image used in this post sourced from Google)


  1. Wonderful!! What a great flavor! I am sure that anyone who loves chewing up their vitamins will enjoy this flavor. Hopefully soon they will make their next "big" flavor Viagra. Sounds delicious.

    1. David,

      You make an excellent point here...

      If you've ever tried to "chew" a vitamin, you know how horrendous that tastes... This eLiquid wasn't much better.

      Although I do suspect that drinking it might have tasted better, LOL!

      If they do make Viagra flavored eLiquid, I wonder if they'll make it blue? ;)

      Thanks for your comments!

    2. It only turns blue if it steeps for too long.

    3. Try the Cialis yellow liquid. Not bad taste-wise. Of course taste was not what I was after . ;)

  2. Coupla things about this e-liquid; first, I shop at Fasttech all the time. They sell Hangsen liquids. They carry "authentic" Hangsen, which comes in shorter, fatter bottles that have different colour caps indicating nicotine level. The bottle comes in a box. They also carry a bunch of 'Hangsen' in bottles that look like this one-all the same size and shape and all with the same green cap. They come as a bottle with no box. I was tols that this is re-packaged Hangsen. Purchased in bulk and then bottled and labeled buy a third party. The re-bottled stuff sells for 10-20% less than the stuff in the OEM package. They do sell the Vitamin A, and the few reviews of it that have showed up in the year or so they've carried it state that it is flavourless, although one person said it had a slight nutty after taste. Fasttech also used to sell the other vitamin flavors made by Hangsen, but I never saw a single review of any of them, and they are now discontinued. (big surprise).
    I don't think that this is intended to be, nor would it be possible, for the process of inhaling vapourized liquid to deliver any vitamin to your body. Not that I think anyone would be foolhardy enough to think it would.
    Anyway, thanks; good review on an obscure product. Keep it up!

  3. References - Paul, S., 2018. Stinging Nettle Testosterone Study - Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects! [WWW Document]. ie. Testosterone Official. URL (accessed 12.6.18).


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