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Saturday, December 21, 2013

RuiGu RG400 Review

So today's review is for the RuiGu RG400 (I believe that's pronounced ROO-EE-GOO).

The RG400 is at its core, simply a Protank 2 type of device.  I purchased it because I was looking for a "better" KamryTech X10.  Don't get me wrong though, it's not that there's something "wrong" with the X10, but I wish that the styling of the X10 was slightly smoother or more rounded.

As I'm no virgin to the Protank style of devices, reviewing this is as simple as "do I like it and does it work well".  So after 2-3 days of working with the RG400, here are my thoughts...

1. It looks somewhat nicer than the X10, but the X10 holds more eJuice

2. It completely disassembles, but it sweats from the seals after you fill it up

Aside from that, remember... "If it uses a Protank head, then it's a Protank!"...

Aside from me not understanding why the backgrounds on these 2 pictures is gray, and as you can see from the above image, it even comes with 2 Protank SHAPED atomizer heads (right).  So rest assured, if you want to get one of these, you can happily use your Protank or EVOD heads in this.

So aside from the fact that it sweats every time you screw it back together (after filing it up), it works fine.  It gives a nice airy and flavorful draw and it even has a GLASS TANK so that you can load it up with your favorite Pineapple, Banana, Cinnamon & other tank cracking eJuices.  Like I said, this is as simple of a review as there is...

Update 12/31/2013: Well, there is another downside to this tank.  If you look at the above image, the 2 rightmost items screw into one another (base and atomizer head).  Well, when you unscrew the base to refill it, the atomizer unscrews from the base and is left inside the tank.  It did NOT do this until about 3 days ago... And nothing has changed (that I'm aware of) to make it start doing this.  It could be a real pain if you're refilling while out and about.  I'll probably stop using this tank when I get tired of having to put it back together every time I fill up...  I guess I'll have to apologize to my X10...  LOL!  :)

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