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I'm going to tell you, that after 30 years of smoking cigarettes, not only is it possible, but I've been cigarette free for days (now over a year!), at the time of this writing!

Here are my LIVE current statistics:

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eJuice Ratings Chart

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eJuice Chart

Brand Flavor mg Nicotine Type Price Quantity Purchased From Rating
Alien Visions Boba's Bounty 18mg VG $53.00 100ml Alien Visions 11/10 Flavor - It's an 11!!!
Alien Visions Gorilla Juice 6mg VG $13.50 30ml Alien Visions 11/10 Boba's Bounty + Banana = Awesome!
Alien Visions Dream Berries 18mg VG $16.80 30ml Alien Visions 0 Awful, awful, awful... Tastes like Vetable Oil!
Alien Visions Watermelon Overload 18mg PG $16.30 30ml Alien Visions 0 Awful, awful, awful... Absoutely flavorless!
ECBlends Strawberry Shortcake 0mg / 12mg VG $16.40 50ml ECBlend 2/10 Flavor - Undependable.  Went from my favorite to my least favorite over the course of 3 bottles.  This is the "All Natural & Organic" version...
Crystal Canyon Vapes Melon Twist 12mg PG/VG $3.75 5ml CCVapes 0 50-50 PG/VG Mix - No flavor, wrong flavor, inconsistent.
Crystal Canyon Vapes Ballistic 12mg PG/VG $3.75 5ml CCVapes0 50-50 PG/VG Mix - No flavor, wrong flavor, inconsistent.
Crystal Canyon Vapes Islander 12mg PG/VG $3.75 5ml CCVapes7/10 50-50 PG/VG Mix - Not bad.
Could Vape on it comfortably.
Crystal Canyon Vapes Ecto-Cooler 12mg PG/VG $3.75 5ml CCVapes 0 50-50 PG/VG Mix - Fake orange flavor, flavor doesn't match desciption.
Crystal Canyon Vapes Grapevine 12mg PG/VG $3.75 5ml CCVapes 4/10 50-50 PG/VG Mix - Weak flavor, has potential.
Crystal Canyon Vapes Calypso 12mg PG/VG $3.75 5ml CCVapes 0 50-50 PG/VG Mix - No flavor, wrong flavor, inconsistent.
Crystal Canyon Vapes Geneva 12mg PG/VG $3.75 5ml CCVapes0 50-50 PG/VG Mix - No flavor, wrong flavor, inconsistent.
Dekang Watermelon 18mg PG $5.99 30ml From China 0 Awful, awful, awful, ...
Dekang Grape 18mg PG $5.99 30ml From China 0 Awful, awful, awful, ...
Dekang Raspberry 18mg PG $5.99 30ml From China 0 Awful, awful, awful, ...
Mount Baker Vapor Surprise Grape 12mg PG/VG $5.24 15ml MBV 0 Bad flavor, wrong PG/VG ratio, horrible throat hit.
Mount Baker Vapor Razzleberry 12mg PG/VG $5.49 15ml MBV 0 Awful throat hit, wrong PG/VG ratio.
Mount Baker Vapor Hawk Sauce 12mg PG/VG $6.24 15ml MBV 2/10 Does NOT taste like what it says it's supposed to taste like. Didn't care for it.
Mount Baker Vapor Thug Juice 12mg PG/VG $5.49 15ml MBV 6/10 Best of the bunch, excellent menthol, not enough fruit flavor.
Mount Baker Vapor Almond Delight 12mg PG/VG FREE 15ml MBV 0 Absolutely foul, deserves award for must disgusting eLiquid I've ever used.  Glad it was a free sample.
Uno Vapor Tobacco 0mg / 6mg / 16mg PG $9.95 30ml Electronic Cigarette Outlet 9/10 Flavor - Awesome, reminds me of Sweet Tea!
Excellent throat hit and Vapor production.
Uno Vapor Toffee 6mg / 11mg PG $9.95 30ml Electronic Cigarette Outlet 9/10 Flavor - Delicious, good "flavor"!
Nice for a change-up...
Uno Vapor Melon 11mg PG $5.00 10ml Electronic Cigarette Outlet 8/10 Good solid taste, flavor and Vapor.
Uno Vapor USA Mix - Mint 11mg PG $5.00 10ml Electronic Cigarette Outlet 9/10 Good solid taste, flavor and Vapor. ADV Teritory.
NicoPure Labs (eVo) Frost Bite 12mg PG/VG FREE 10ml Was a gift? 9/10 Best of the bunch, very good peppermint flavor!
NicoPure Labs (eVo) Berry Blast 18mg PG/VG FREE 10ml Was a gift? 3/10 Wrong nicotine level, ouch!
NicoPure Labs (eVo) Grape Vape 18mg PG/VG $16.50 30ml Alien Visions 0 Awful, awful, awful... Uggh, just awful!
NicoPure Labs (eVo) Maraschino 6mg PG/VG FREE 10ml Was a gift? 0 Wrong nicotine level, ouch! Also tasted awful.
NicoPure Labs (eVo) Pure Pomegranate 18mg PG/VG FREE 10ml Was a gift? 0 Wrong nicotine level, ouch! Also tated awful.
NicoPure Labs (eVo) SpearMint 12mg PG/VG FREE 10ml Was a gift? 7/10 Not as good as Frost Bite, but good.
NicoPure Labs (eVo) Piña Colada 24mg PG/VG FREE 10ml Was a gift? 0 Wrong nicotine level, SEVERE ouch! Tastes awful.
Hangsen Fruit Mix 12mg PG/VG $3.00 30ml From China 7/10 Not bad.  Tastes of mostly melon and peaches!
Hangsen Banana 12mg PG/VG $3.00 30ml From China 0 Tastes like an unripened banana...
Hangsen Mint 12mg PG/VG $3.00 30ml From China 5/10 Good mint flavor.
Hangsen Chocolate Cream 12mg PG/VG $3.00 30ml From China 0 Tastes Awful. Good performance otherwise.
Hangsen RY4 12mg PG/VG $3.00 30ml From China 3/10 Traditional RY4 flavor profile missing.
Hangsen USA Mix - Mint 12mg PG/VG $3.00 30ml From China 10/10 Excellent Vape all the way around!
Hangsen Arabic
12mg PG/VG $3.00 30ml From China 3/10 Very unusual flavor and aroma.  Worth trying if you like Tobacco flavors AND you are looking for something truly different.  I didn't care for it.
Hangsen Cigar 12mg PG/VG $3.00 30ml From China 0 Didn't taste like or smell like a traditional cigar.
Hangsen Cubana 12mg PG/VG $3.00 30ml From China 0 Did not taste like any kind of cigar, much less a Cuban cigar.  Odd flavor profile.
Hangsen Eastern
12mg PG/VG $3.00 30ml From China 7/10 Tastes like an average cigarette.  A good option for someone who just started Vaping.
Hangsen Indian
12mg PG/VG $3.00 30ml From China 8/10 Very Unique flavor.  It's like a cigarette, with the subtle undertones of fruit and chocolate.  Very intriguing and worth a try.
Hangsen Marlboro Red 12mg PG/VG $3.00 30ml From China 5/10 Does not taste like a Marlboro Red, but passes as something that is cigarette flavored.
Hangsen Vitamin A 12mg PG/VG $3.00 30ml From China 0 Absolutely Flavorless!
Grant's Vanilla Custard 6mg PG/VG $74.00 100ml Grant's Vanilla Custard 9/10 Great flavor, poor Vapor. Too expensive!
Mister E-Liquid Pina Colada Ice 6mg PG/VG
10ml Mister E-Liquid 8/10 Good flavor and Vapor, but the menthol overpowers the other flavors.
Mister E-Liquid Jade Ice 6mg PG/VG $5.75 10ml Mister E-Liquid 7/10 Good.
Mister E-Liquid Blue Voodoo 6mg PG/VG $5.75 10ml Mister E-Liquid 6/10 Good Vapor, but flavor needs work
Mister E-Liquid Psycho Citrus 0mg PG/VG FREE 4ml Mister E-Liquid 8/10 Excellent all around, but had no nicotine.
Mister E-Liquid Lemon Ice 6mg PG/VG $47.50 120ml Mister E-Liquid 7/10 Good, but had issues with homogenization and some flavor inconsistency.  Read the review.
JJVapes Monkey Fart 6mg PG/VG $4.99 10ml JJVapes 10/10 This eLiquid is among the best that there is!  Check out the review!

NOTE 5/22/2013 - I am severely behind on updating this chart.  Please see the blog for eJuice ratings/information, while I try to catch up.

NOTE 6/5/2013 - Still working on it...

NOTE 6/13/2013 - Remember, you can click on the FLAVOR to go to the review!

NOTE 8/4/2013 - Based on my standards, a 5 or higher is worth your $$ to try...

More to come!

I gladly accept new/unopened samples for review!
I'll be putting up more eJuice reviews soon, they're very time consuming to do...

Last updated 3/17/2014 @ 4:25PM ET


  1. Try heathers heavinly vapes. I received the vanilla dream and it's absolutely nasty. I am working through trying to finish this vape.

    1. Oh my!

      I know how you feel. You spend good money, in order to get good eJuice and you wind up with something that's foul.

      I don't know anything about that particular supplier, but I appreciate the warning. Not just for me, but for the sake of everyone reading.

      Thanks for your comments...

    2. A women commented on another site about her creative use for horrible juice. She couldn't stomach it and had alot so she uses it in a bowl to kill flies. Ill be taking a page from her book.

    3. Anonymous,

      That's too funny!

      Thank God I don't have a problem with flying insects, but I'll be sure to mention this to other people.... Whether it's true or not, it's still pretty funny... ;) Cruel and unusual punishment, but still funny... ;)

      Thanks for the comments!

  2. MT Baker Sucks!!!!!!!!!! Horrible customer service just as bad as their juice and why should you have to pay to add flavor shots to taste the juice you should be able to taste the full potential of the flavors from the beginning. Either way don't buy from Baker!!!!

    1. Anonymous,

      I'm truly sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with them. Like I had mentioned in the review, they put a really good foot forward with the presentation and packaging of their products, it was a real shame that their eLiquid offerings don't match.

      I've only communicated with Mt. Baker once via email and Matt gave me excellent customer service.

      Thank you for sharing your experience and your thoughts...

  3. Ha that's funny you had the same experience with Mt Baker I just called their customer support the other day to tell them about their hawk sauce because I got no vapor production and was blowing out no smoke and when I say that there was no vapor coming out of my mouth. Their customer support people were jerks ( I'm not an amateur vaper been doing it for a couple years). Yes I changed the coil in my kanger protank twice to verify it wasn't that I always do that if theres a problem before I point the finger. Either way Mt. Baker sucks why do you need to pay for flavor shots shouldn't the juice be at its full potential from the get go? If I could recommend a good vape that I always end up going back to and it never lets me down its a RY now I have had good RY's absolutely horrible RY's but in my personal opinion the best RY I have ever had is made in the town of Bridgeport Pennsylvania by a little vape store called Worlds Finest Vape shop its called RY Fine there and let me tell you it is fine I visit there often to re up on it(I believe you can order it online from there also) especially after being let down by a lot of online distributors such as Mt Baker for example. So that's it I got my steam off about Mt Baker and it goes to show ya if your juice is worth mentioning I will put it out there. Mad props to Worlds Finest in Bridgeport. Thanks C.D.

    1. PS that hawk sauce was a 70%vg mix too so it should have been billowing smoke. C.D.

  4. I bet the ecblend one you liked was either A&O black raspberry or dragons blood both nice and creamy, I got the strawberry shortcake and like u its nasty, so was the watermelon and dragons tear which was a fake sickly strawberry flavor but the dragons blood with a cool hit or menthol is nice and the black raspberry were both nice.

  5. Hi, I noticed you haven't tried or if you have I missed it. I have been having good luck with them. Ok, so here is the awkward part, my two favorite vapes from there are Panty Dropper and Deadly Sin. I know, I know, the names right? The first one to me taste like blueberry and I am not sure what else. It's not strong on the blueberry or maybe I vaped it so much I can't tell anymore but it's good. The second, one I love so much, I ordered a 30ml bottle. Which is the first time I have ordered anything in that size. It's sweet, I taste teddy grahams and maple syrup and other goodness. You can also create your own sample pack of 4, 10ml bottles for $20 and if you are black licorice fan I would recommend the Black Fairy.

    Thanks for all the great info on your site!

    1. Luna,

      I've had that particular maker suggested in the past, but between their over the top indecency in naming their "creations", coupled with their insanely overpriced eLiquids, I'm in no particular rush to order from them...

      I'm glad that you found eLiquids you enjoy...

      Thank you for the suggestion...

  6. The names are vulgar I agree with you there but I don't see how they are that over priced. 10ml is $6.00 and if you buy in quantity it gets as low as $3.50 per 10ml. Which seems to be on average with the vapes I buy and a decent price on good quality vape.

    1. Amy,

      There are 2 things at play here (and one of them would require that you read my entire body of work)....

      The first, is that average street prices of eLiquid are between $3.75 - $4.75 for a 10ml bottle... Add more than $2 shipping and you've got over $8 for the one you suggested...

      The second, is that I have made quite a few friends in the DIY / eLiquid business and I happen to know that total cost to produce a single 10ml bottle (including the bottle, label and all included ingredients) averages about 25-30 *cents*...

      2,700% markup is where I have to draw the line... :)

      To be fair, I didn't look into quantity, but I still have another problem...

      If on a Wednesday night I have someone at Bible study ask me what I'm Vaping, I'd rather not have to tell them that I'm Vaping on "Nana's Nuts" or "Panty Dropper" or Le jus de la journée, "Red-Headed Slut"...

      But I maintain, 80 cents per ml (with shipping) is just too steep for me...

      Thank you for your comments...

  7. Great chart Pastor Keith - keep up the good work. A last updated field at the top would be great!

  8. Oooooooooh - I see it at the bottom of the chart, great

  9. I have tried many juices from UnoVapor and most of them taste very chemical. The strawberry is decent, but not great. Very disappointing!

  10. I would love it if you could test some organic 100% vg either 0 or 4-6mg. I can't find much that I can afford and need to buy this type. Thanks

    1. Steph,

      While I would love to oblige, I have a couple of things I'd like to mention...

      1. 99% of the "organic" stuff is ridiculously overpriced. So much so, that I won't buy it. If a maker contacts me, that produces said items, I will get it, just for you!

      2. Unless you're planning on DRINKING your eLiquid, I can't imagine why you'd limit yourself to "organic" eLiquids. There's no empirical evidence one way or the other that anything currently being used in "safely made" eLiquids, is in any way harmful to the human body.

      I've subjected myself to ECBlend's AN&O stuff, and it was gross. Of course, I've tried more than a few eLiquids (organic or not) that are gross too, so... ;)

      I can appreciate you needing to get NON-PG eLiquids (for allergy reasons), but why do you "need" to buy that type? I'm not aware that VG is either organic or non-organic, if you catch my drift... Please let me know, I love to learn new things...

      Thanks for your interest!


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