Quitting smoking is possible!

You may think that quitting smoking is a total impossibility for you....

I'm going to tell you, that after 30 years of smoking cigarettes, not only is it possible, but I've been cigarette free for days (now over a year!), at the time of this writing!

Here are my LIVE current statistics:

I'd love for this blog to become one of the channels within your life, that you can turn to for support. You can't imagine how powerful just the slightest bit of encouragement can be!

Please follow this Blog and remember this quote:

Mark 10:27 - But Jesus looked at them and said, "With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible."

If you've found anything useful here, please share it!

Device Ratings Chart

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Device Chart

Brand Model Style Rebuildable eJuice
Capacity Ohms Price Purchased From Rating
JoyeTech eGo-C Atomizer No 5 N/A 2.8Ω $3.50 Electronic Cigarette Outlet 1/10 Not very reliable.
Generic Stardust
CE4 & CE5
Clearomizer No 0 1.6 ml 2.4Ω $2.50 China 0 Expensive, tight draw, burning taste and smell, bleeding gums, etc...
Kanger T2 Clearomizer Yes 50 2.4 ml 2.6Ω $4.59 Discount Vapers 4/10 What a roller coaster...
Read the review!
Generic Dual Coil Tank Tankomizer Yes 70 6 ml 1.5Ω $17.95 Electronic Cigarette Outlet 3/10 Best Vapor producer so far!  Flavor reproduction not great.
SmokTechSmokTank XL - Locking Dual Coil Tank Tankomizer Yes 70 6 ml 1.5Ω $12.95 SmokTek 4/10 Same performance as the Generic.  Even though the locking mechanism keeps the carto from coming loose, the design of the carto itself means it's going to leak.  Extra point awarded for the locking ability.  See Generic Dual Coil Tank Review for information.
Zhuhai Youde AGA-T2
(Tiamat 2)
Rebuildable Yes 100 3.2 ml Up
$24.99 S&S Mods 10/10 This device is Vaping Heaven!
SmokTech The Natural + RSST Kit Rebuildable Yes 50 3.5 ml Up
$69.99 Vapor Tek, USA 5/10 The RSST gets a 5/10
The Natural gets a 8/10

If the RSST didn't leak, it'd get a 8/10.  If The Natural supported protected batteries, it would get a 9/10.
Kanger ProTank Glassomizer Sorta 100 3ml 2.2Ω
$17.49 Free-Cigs 10/10 Best flavor reproduction so far AND super easy to use!
Sigelei Mech Mod #19 Battery Mod N/A N/A 18650
N/A $32.99 Vapor Tek, USA ? Reviewing Now...
Generic SM2.0
(Squid Clone)
Dripper Yes ? N/A Up
$5.65 China ? On hold for review...
See notes in Blog...
SmokTech Octopus Dripper Yes ? N/A Up
$8.99 Discount Vapers ? Until I learn how to maximize its output, I'm holding my opinions.
KamryTech X10 Clearomizer Sorta 100 4.5ml Up
$6.49 China 10/10 It's everything you expect from the ProTank and more!
EmpireMods LR510 Bridgeless
No 0 N.A 1.5Ω $5.99 EmpireMods 0 Please read the review...

 = Favorite
More to come!
I gladly accept new/unused samples for review!

Last updated 7/21/2013 @ 3:25PM ET

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