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Friday, March 1, 2013

SmokTek SR s102a Disposable Review

So today we have the "SR s102a" disposable, sold by SmokTek.

The reason that disposable eCigs are even a part of this blog, is because there's a real need for a super-simple Vaping solution that doesn't involve batteries, chargers, tanks, atomizers, eJuice and the potential technical issues that come with people who aren't inclined to take things apart and put them back together.

Personally, I would love to find the perfect "Cigarette shaped" eCig for daily use, but I haven't found it yet.  Of course I'm not looking for a disposable one, I'd be happy with some type of carto/battery setup IF I could find something that worked well AND tasted good.

The SR s102a is a moderately well constructed disposable option.  At just $3.95 it is the least expensive disposable we've tested so far.

It's shorter than the bluCig, longer than the NJoy and slightly wider than both, it's weight is roughly the same as the bluCig.

It comes preloaded with USA-Mix, which is roughly the same as the Marlboro taste.

Vaping with it though is not optimal, just okay.  A standard "cigarette type" draw on this eCig will leave you with very little Vapor.  In order to get a "cigarette approximate" amount of Vapor, you have to draw about 3 times as long.  They did however get the air-resistance right on this eCig though.  It's not "airy", it just doesn't produce enough Vapor for the standard drawer.

Taste is exactly what you'd expect it to be, given that it's a "standard eCig flavor".

Overall this is a relatively okay option, I'll update once I know how long it lasts.

Right now, this eCig ranks behind the NJoy King disposable in overall experience.

Update 11/13/2013: Since I didn't really enjoy using this eCig when I reviewed it, I put it back into the package it came in and set it aside for a "rainy day".  When I went to Boston in September, I picked up my bluCig, NJOY King and the s102a and put them into my pocket for airport related use.  So I grabbed this one first, went to take a draw and was greeted by the "flashing red light" of battery-death.  4 months on a shelf was too much to ask from this unit.  However, both the bluCig AND the NJOY, which were purchased BEFORE this one, fired right up and lasted me through 2 airports and a taxi...  As soon as I got to the hotel, I pulled out my KamryTech X10 and my VAMO 3.  Honestly, since it didn't work that great to begin with, coupled with the poor shelf life, I'd suggest that you pass on this one...  There are 100's of similarly low-cost/poor-performing eCigs just like this one, available from a plethora of resellers.  For $3.95, you could get an EVOD and have a significantly better Vape...

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