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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review: 8 eLiquids from ECBlend

UPDATE: Please participate in our anonymous POLL.  It's for a really good cause!

So as promised, I'm bringing you my review of 8 ECBlend's eLiquids...

First of all, I want to answer the question of "WHY?" did I even choose ECBlend.  I chose ECBlend for 2 reasons, the first, was the reviews.  I haven't found one other eJuice maker that has even close to the same number of reviews that ECBlend has.  Reviews are really important to me in purchasing from a smaller company.  The second reason I purchased from them, is because of their selection.  According to them, they have over 250+ flavors.

Ok, but WHY ECBlend?  Why not choose any of the other 300+ makers of eJuice?  Why not just use  the mass produced Chinese made stuff?  Well, first of all, most of the Chinese made eLiquid I've used is pretty good.  Heck, it's downright cheap too!  You can get a 100ml bottle of eLiquid direct from China for as little as $8.62!  Just as a comparison, the last 100ml bottle of Boba's Bounty I purchased (review here) cost me about $50.  But that's another conversation.  I guess the reason I purchased from ECBlend, is because their website made all the difference.

They have the only website that I'm aware of, that has so many CUSTOMIZATION options for purchasing your eLiquids.  You have total control of everything, from the % of PG to the % of VG.  You can add extra flavor, extra sweetener, extra menthol, extra, extra, extra!  You can really customize to your hearts content.  I had the idea that it could be a good idea to do some exploring, given so many options...

Ok, so enough about ECBlend, let's get down to business with the reviews.  What I'm going to do, is start off with my favorite and end with my least favorite.  The first 1-2 will be long, the last few will be very short.

For the sake of simplicity, ALL of the eJuices reviewed in this review are 18mg Nicotine, unless otherwise noted.

AN&O Strawberry Shortcake 100% VG - I always thought that "fruity" flavored eLiquid was for girls (if that comment is offensive to you, perhaps you need to be reminded that men and women aren't the same, no matter what pop-culture teaches you.  Remember, "equal" does not and should not be interpreted to mean "exactly the same in every way".  That's impossible, now isn't it?)  In any event, I actually received a free 5ml bottle of this with my first order.  At first I didn't want to use it (see previous comment) but I eventually gave in, as I thought to myself "why not?"...  Well I wound up liking this stuff so much, that I wrote a review for them and they actually put it up! (they don't just add reviews, they review their reviews for content and put up their best ones).  So instead of writing a new one, allow me to share what I wrote on their site:

The best eJuice that I never ordered!  
Posted by Keith on 27th Mar 2013

I've been spending way too much money trying to find my perfect all-day vape. I've ordered about 8 different flavors from ECBlends so far, trying to find it.

As a bonus with my first order, they gifted me a 5ml bottle of this stuff (0mg) and originally I didn't want to try it (cmon man, everybody knows strawberry flavors are for girls, right?). After a few days, it started calling out to me (not literally), so I loaded it up in my AGA-T2 and let me tell you...

If I said it was "creamy", you'd think of cream. So I won't say creamy. If I said it was "buttery", you'd think of butter. So I won't say that either. But if I told you that it tasted Strawbutteremy, then MAYBE I'd be able to explain how RIDICULOUSLY GOOD this stuff tastes.

I've been told that if I order this stuff, that I'll have to turn in my "man card". But I may have to chance it! Don't pass this one up. For $2.50 you gotta try it!


Did not need to steep!
Couldn't put it down!
Licked the empty bottle! (ok, I'm just kidding about that)

So if that glowing review doesn't convince you to try it, then nothing will.  If you like the taste of strawberries, you're gonna love this eJuice!

The one thing I should clarify here, is the "AN&O" in the name.  It stands for "All Natural & Organic".  I have not tried their "regular" version, so I can't comment on it.

The other thing I should clarify and something I learned later on, is the nicotine level you choose WILL effect both the flavor, the color & the amount of vapor this eJuice produces!  My initial sample had 0mg nicotine and it was what I wrote about in that review.  My first 50ml purchase of this eJuice was with 12mg nicotine though.  The first thing I noticed (before I even opened the bottle) was that it was golden colored (as opposed to the sample which was clear).  I actually contacted ECBlend about the color difference and they told me that once you add nicotine, it changes the color of every eLiquid, which is something I didn't know.  The next thing that I noticed, is that the flavor was a bit muted (in comparison to the 0mg version).  The other thing about the flavor, is that I believe the nicotine has made this batch taste more tart than sweet.  The last thing I noticed, is that it produces about 50% less Vapor than the 0mg version.  That last one was really disappointing.

My final comment on this eJuice, is I've been using it now for 2 weeks and I haven't noticed ANY change in the flavor (due to steeping).  The 12mg nicotine version is just not as SATISFYING as the 0mg one is.  I did however just order another bottle of this stuff, but without nicotine.  What I decided to do (at least for right now), is to use this as my primary Vape, but also use my 18mg Boba's Bounty throughout the day also, so that I don't go into nicotine withdrawal.  I'll let you know how that works out.

Update 6/5/2013 - Well, it did not work out at all actually.  The 0mg variant of this was a complete waste of money on my part as it tasted exactly the same as the 18mg bottle... BAD.  I can only conclude that they sent me "something else" the very first time and it had the wrong label on it.  I wish there was some way for me to figure out what it was, but according to their website (now), they are claiming more than 375+ flavors.  Only God knows what they sent me.  Whatever it was, it was delicious.  As for the AN&O Strawberry Shortcake, it doesn't taste like strawberries and it doesn't taste like shortcake.  It just tastes BAD.

RY4 Tobacco (Reduced PG) - RY4 is one of those "chronicled" eLiquids from back in the day.  Long story short, the company who created it (Ruyan), is no longer in business.  If your all day Vape was RY4, you were in trouble when your inventory ran out!  So a bunch of different people started trying to put together their own version of the original.  Since nobody has the actual recipe that Ruyan uses, it's been a "crap shoot" to try to mix something that tastes close to the original.  ECBlend has been reported to have the "best" of the RY4 copies so that's why I purchased this one.

Now in all fairness, the label on the bottle says that I should steep it.  I didn't.  As for the flavor, I'd say it tasted in the ballpark as to how an RY4 should taste, but the throat hit was much more harsh than I would have expected for an 18mg made with mostly VG.  Which reminds me.  I need to explain what "Reduced PG" means.  It basically means that they start off with the flavorings in a PG base and reduce that down until they reach their desired flavor base.  Once they have that, they use 100% VG to make up the remainder of the eLiquid.  So it IS a VG eLiquid, but it's not 20%, 30%, etc, it's a very small percent PG, so they've opted to call it "Reduced PG" instead of maybe "VG w/PG based flavorings"?  Either way, all of my "Reduced PG" eJuices I received from ECBlend have the same approximate viscosity, so I am rating it as a VG eJuice.

Result: I don't like it.  It kinda smells nice though.  It has notes of coffee, butterscotch, marshmallow, maybe some toffee, perhaps almond & of course tobacco (as RY4 is a tobacco based eJuice).  Honestly it REALLY smells good (just smelled it again).  But the over the top throat hit ruins it for me.  If you need this much throat hit, you should try it.  If you don't, perhaps get a 5ml bottle with 0mg of nicotine?  For $2.50, what have you got to lose?  I am steeping it though.  I'll revisit it in another couple of weeks and post a follow up.

Update 6/5/2013 - I'm late putting this update in, but sometime during the weekend of 5/25/2013 I went ahead and retested this one (RY4).  Throat hit issues were gone AND I can not tell a lie, it tasted somewhat better.  Which is a 100% improvement over my "out of the bottle experience".  However, I personally did not care for it as an "all day vape", so I'm going to pass on it.

DK 555 - I've never tried one (as they're not commonly sold in the U.S.), but 555 is an actual brand of cigarette.  DK 555, I can only imagine, is the ECBlend attempt at duplicating Dekang's version of this eLiquid.  I haven't tried the actual Dekang version of 555, but this one smells kind of like a Hazelnut / Tobacco smell.  The eLiquid has a nice aroma, but I didn't like this eLiquid either, as it also had an incredibly harsh throat hit. (It's also in my steep box, waiting for me to revisit it in a couple of weeks)

Dragon's Cafe (Reduced PG) - I've been looking for something else to Vape recently and I figured I'd try a couple of Coffee based eLiquids.  I like coffee...  ECBlend describes this eJuice as "Espresso with Cream & Vanillas".  I shall describe it as, "awful".  Have you ever had the very last cup of coffee from a coffee pot that's been baking and burning the coffee for 8 hours?  That's pretty gross.  This tasted worse.  However, it's in my steep box and I'm hoping it redeems itself.

Update 6/11/2013: So not having anything good to Vape right now, I've dug deep into my steeping box for something to Vape on.  I loaded up the Dragon's Cafe in my Kanger Protank and I still have nothing good to Vape on.  Almost 2 months in the steeping box and here's what we have...  AWFUL throat hit, hits like a fireball in the back of your throat.  It's easily 36+mg of nicotine.  Flavor is 100% vanilla extract flavor.  No hint of cream, no hint of espresso.  It's absolutely awful. 

Espresso Shot (Reduced PG) - In the same vein as Dragon's Cafe, I thought I'd get a couple of different coffee flavors.  Both the Dragon's Cafe and the Espresso Shot SMELL nice in their respective bottles, but the flavors don't match the smells.  This one did not taste good either and is sitting along with its brothers in the steeping box.

Tobacco Blend 100% VG - I'm always looking for the perfect "Tobacco" Vape, so I figured I'd try the ECBlend take on it.  I tried this particular one because of the description, "A tradional blend of tobacco with warm creamy sweet nutty after tones".  What I got, was almost a spot-on clone of a Marlboro (or USA Mix) flavor.  To be honest, the USA Mix flavor is not one of my favorites.  The throat hit on this eLiquid was ridiculously harsh.

Flavorless 100% VG w/added sweetener - This one might sound stupid to some, but after reading the reviews about it, I thought it would be a great idea.  Something with a somewhat sweet taste that I could Vape all I wanted, without smelling up a room.  I expected a sweet tasting Vape with no other discernible flavors.  What I got tasted SOUR and also has a ridiculously harsh throat hit.  And not just sour, but awful.  Everywhere I go, I read "VG has no throat hit", but somehow ECBlend has beaten the odds.  This eLiquid is clear, so I can't see that steeping will help, but it's sitting in the steeping box with its friends anyway.

Update 6/5/2013 - I also retested this one during the weekend of 5/25/2013 and don't ask me why, but this one still tastes SOUR!  Everybody and their grandma loves to talk about how SWEET VG is all by itself and how it adversely effects the overall flavor profile of eLiquid, so for me to have it taste sour, I can only conclude that whoever mixed it, put in their "anti-sweet" instead of the sweetener.

AN&O Orange Cream 100% VG - So hoping to build on the great flavor of the Strawberry Shortcake, I went ahead and purchased a 5ml bottle of this Orange Cream with 0mg nicotine.  If I'm gonna taste it, I want to taste IT and not the nicotine.  I can honestly say that this has been my most disappointing eJuice so far.  It does NOT taste like a "Creamsicle" in any way, shape or form.  It tastes (at best) like an orange Pixy Stix.  It's a fake orange flavor.  I can't see how anyone would enjoy this eLiquid.  I tried it in both my AGA-T2 and my RSST, just because their flavor reproduction is different.  MAYBE it tastes good in a Stardust, but I don't buy those any more and can't review it.  There are no instructions on the receipt for this eLiquid to be steeped, so I have to conclude that this one will not improve over time...

Update 6/5/2013 - I stand correct.   Sometime during the weekend of 5/25/2013 I went ahead and retested this one (Orange Cream).  The orange flavor they use for this eLiquid is quite awful.  As hard as it might be to understand this description, it actually has a "dry & powdery" taste to it.  Again, Pixy Stix are the closest thing I can think of to describe it.  Steeping has not helped.

So as you can see, I went on a real quest to try what I think is a LOT of flavors from ECBlend.  True, with 250+ flavors, 8 is only a drop in the bucket.  But I have given them a solid try.  I've spent probably around $60+ with ECBlend.  I will probably continue to purchase the Strawberry Shortcake flavor from them, at least until I can find a replacement that doesn't taste TART when you add nicotine.  Based on my update from 6/5/2013, I will not be purchasing this eLiquid any more.  Maybe that's not possible, but I'm only at the beginning of my quest for the perfect Vape.  Won't you join me?

NOTE: I will revise/update some of these reviews after they've had a good, long steeping...

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  1. I bought the Tobacco Blend 40pg60vg 12 mg tried the 5ml small bottle first. really liked it.So just received 2 50ml re order, I feel like where is the taste. So I will let it steep. and see. But I had hope this was the answer I needed. I am on day 22 of ecig only.

    1. Congratulations on your now 23 days of being Analog free Grammy! One day your grandson will thank you for quitting!

  2. Keith... Yet another GREAT review... I'm having the same troubles as you with finding good juices to vape... The first few I got from the brick & mortar store close to my work grew on me more and more, but their prices are ridiculous. So I've been hitting the forums and review sites/magazines pretty hard...

    Discovered Spinefuel "magazine" website... Ordered their top picks from Mount Baker Vapor... I just don't get it... I'm not tasting any of the amazing flavors and nuances they describe. After steeping for a couple weeks, the flavors have improved, but still aren't my cup of tea.

    Bananas Foster - No foster :p just a STRONG, "very last day of being ripe before becoming overripe", banana flavor.

    Pineapple Upside Down Cake - I taste the 'cakeyness' on the exhale, but something else entirely on the inhale... Not sure what.

    Coconut - Should have chosen several extra flavor shots...... Very little flavor at first... Unfortunately, I bought an Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to hasten the steep, now all I taste is plastic.

    Lesson - If using the Ultrasonic method, put into a glass bottle first!!!

    Cinnamon Roll - Vaping it a lot, but far inferior to a local Canadian version of this... Verdict is still out though... My favorite of the bunch so far... A little to cinnamony and not enough 'roll'. Does not seem to be damaging any of my plastic tanks at all (yet?).

    Banana Nut Bread - Too much banana, not enough cake/bread.

    I also placed a huge order of testers from Heathers Heavenly Vapes (HHV) I've only tried a few of these so far, but again, not impressed... Some of them are too flavorful... I haven't tried diluting them with my plain 50/50 15 mg nic juice yet.

    Lesson/Idea - I need to order some big bottles of some 'basic' flavor juices so I can adjust tastes myself. e.g. big 50/50 12-18mg.nic bottles of vanilla, caramel, butterscotch etc.... So now I will be ordering some of these basic flavors to try, then hopefully i will be able to "fix" all the ones I order that I'm not enjoying... Which seem to be most of them at this point. (I guess I could also just buy the concentrates and make these basic flavors myself... Haven't decided which route to try first)

    Phew... I did not intend for this to turn into such a long winded blurb...heh heh Really, I just wanted to thank you for more great, honest, somewhat brutal reviews.

    So ... Thanks!

    1. TrashCat, you and I are definitely on the same page, except for one major thing. Why should I have to DIY? Seriously, think about that for a second. You're spending a ridiculous amount of money on eLiquids in the HOPES that you'll come across ANYTHING that you really enjoy using all the time. Why can't the responsibility be placed on the makers shoulders to get it right? Don't label an eJuice Pineapple upsidown cake and have it only taste like Pineapple. That's misleading. Don't offer a flavor described as Pineapples, Coconut with just the perfect amount of Banana and then have it only taste like banana.

      If these eJuice makers were restaurants, they'd be held to a higher standard and their customers would be SENDING IT BACK and it'd go into the garbage and they'd lose money and reputation. The internet is giving these guys way too big of a buffer.

      As for the "brutalness", let's just call it "enthusiastic honesty". I have a very difficult time being PC, because it enables people to get away with LIE after LIE, all in the spirit of never hurting anyone's feelings. Sometimes people need to have their feelings hurt in order to help them improve.

      The nice thing about Blogging, is whether someone loves, likes, dislikes or hates what I have to say, these are all just my opinions. They're not for sale, so nobody can complain. They can just move along and find someone else whose opinions they like better. Of course, if they don't like what I have to say, I'll give them a full refund of their purchase price. :)

  3. Ok... Having now read through your entire blog... I'm going to have to re-evaluate all the ejuices I've tried so far... I've been using mostly T2's (and a couple sub-par BCC's occasionally) and now realize that the flavors I'm getting are GREATLY reduced and otherwise affected by used T2 heads.

    I've ordered an RBA and a ProTank and am looking forward to re-tasting all these juices as they are meant to be tasted.

    Long live blogs! :P

    And for the umpteenth time...


    1. Yeah, those T2's didn't work out so wonderful for me. If I wasn't sipping eJuice through a straw or cleaning them out, my eLiquid just tasted like you know what...

      You'll be hard pressed to not like the ProTank. If you stick with 50/50 eJuices, you're heads will last as long as I've stated in my review for the ProTank review.

      As for the RBA, I've got an upcoming review for the SM2.0 RDA coming soon. I've got a feeling that this particular review is going to uncover some things that many people are going to want to know about both Genesis style AND Drippers. Namely, how airflow effects flavor AND Vapor production. Keep your eyes peeled!

      And you're very welcome TrashCat!

  4. Heh heh... I think I've definitely found a kindred spirit ;)

    (re:both comments above)

    You are right... Again... They should be held more accountable... But in the short time I've been doing this, I've now tried about 40 flavors... And most are TERRIBLE. And this is ordering from reviews!

    I just don't get it... I can only imagine quality control is waaaay off and batches vary wildly. I'm just getting very frustrated with continually trying things and not liking them... And I enjoy most foods... I really don't think it's me that is off on this.

    I need to change something... Maybe go to local vape meets and see if I can sample things there? Hmmmm

    Looking forward to your next reviews :)

  5. They have taking my money never received a product....theres is nobody to talk to....I cant get my money back...this company is the buyers worst nightmare....just stay away. lisselott eriksson

    1. Lisselott,

      I'm certainly very sorry to hear that you've had an issue. But no matter how negative my review of their product was, I can't imagine that their customer service is that poor. I agree that whoever replies using their tracking system is not very friendly, but I'd be shocked that they would mistreat you. Has anyone else reading this ever had this experience too?

      In any event, please keep trying. I know you'll find your perfect Vape if you just keep looking. :)

  6. I have had nothing but a great experience with ECBLEND. I like the fact that I can order the small bottles to find the flavors that work best for me, but the custom blending is awsome. They even sent me a sample with my order. I have enjoyed about 90% of all the flavors I've ordered! Personal prefrence, dictates that I suppose. For example, my palette doesn't respond well to the nut flavors, but my boyfriend likes them, so we have been happy and on our fourth order with no customer service problems!

    1. Anonymous,

      Thank you for that comment. I am in 100% agreement with you on a couple of fronts. First, now that I really think about it, having the small bottles for a reasonable price was the hook for me. As for their customer service, they're a little slow to respond and not particularly friendly, but I always received useful answers.

      I suppose my real issue, is I actually expect the eLiquids I purchase to TASTE LIKE WHAT THE LABEL SAYS. If the nicotine level is off, flavor is wrong or gross, that's when I give bad reviews.

      Anyway, thank you for your comments...

  7. Hi Pastor Keith. I had ordered from them over the weekend so I haven't tasted any of their juices yet. Do you remember if you had chosen the cool hit option when you ordered your flavors? You had mentioned the harsh throat hit and I was wondering if that may have contributed to that. Also, do you get reactions from PG and if so was the reduced PG reduced enough to be ok for you?

    1. Anonymous,

      If I'm not mistaken, adding the "cool hit" option is for a menthol-type effect. I never ordered any of the eLiquids with menthol or the cool hit and none of them had menthol or the cool hit in them.

      As for reactions to PG or VG, to date, I've never shown any signs of having allergies to either of them. I know this, because I've used 100% PG and 100% VG eLiquids (and all points in between), and have never had a problem.

      As for the "Reduced PG", those eLiquids are a extremely high percentage VG, so whatever PG is left is almost irrelevant.

      You have to understand something.... Producing BLENDS of eLiquids is much more complicated than you might be lead to believe. Since most of the eLiquid buying public isn't educated on what goes into the formulaic process, most people will never know (or possibly care) about what percentage they're using. All they care about is whether or not they like it. Tank-cracking eLiquids would be a great example. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to put anything that can DISSOLVE PLASTIC into my lungs, yet certain people go nuts over those eLiquids.

      To date, I've received 100's of emails from readers of this Blog, telling me that their experience has been the same as mine. I wish they'd post them here in the comments, but some people feel bad about posting their bad experiences. As you can see, I'm more concerned with being up front and honest about my experiences, in the hopes that I save people some money and some disappointment...

      Trust me, if the manufacturers would read my reviews and take steps to fix them, that'll make my day. To date, the closest I've come to that, is a certain manufacturer revised the description of one of their eLiquids, because of one of my reviews.

      Regarding your order, I sincerely hope that you like what you purchase and that it serves you well.

      Thank you for your questions and comments...

  8. Ok so I've been vaping for about 6 months now and every month I seem to find a new ADV, my current is Sweertwater by Upstomp. If you like cantalope you will love Sweetwater (Melon Brawler is great too but a lot more honey dew). Everything I've tried from these guys is top shelf stuff, the vendor I get it from also carries Flavorz by Joe from Joe Castro and I have yet to find one of his flavors that I don't care for. I buy through LJ's E-smokes, give them a try or find another vendor that carries these juices I promise you won't be sorry!!

  9. On my first order with ECBlend I purchased 8 of the 5ml bottles. The King(peanut butter and banana) was totally amazing. It was the only one I liked so I purchased a much larger bottle because it was great enough for my all day vape. The big bottle was no where close to the smaller bottle even after a good steep. I have tried so many reputable companies and I might get one sample bottle that tasted good out of every 50 bad ones. The last place I tried was supposed to be veteran vapors who knew what was what with flavors and vaping. Boy, was they wrong. Killer Juice claims to have the best juice with the most flavor but I think those people lost all their taste buds. Bland, bland, bland. Oh yeah did I mention it was bland and had the flavor of air. Me nor my friends could even tell what flavor it was supposed to be even while looking at the label. I make my own now. My first bottles I made were the best I had ever tasted and not because I made them cause I had a few creations that were dirty sock flavor. DIY is the way to go, even for more complex flavors or even simple ones like watermelon. I had tried over 60 different watermelon from 60 different vendors and they were blah... All my friends get their juice from me now since you can taste the flavors and they taste great. So if you want good e juice the Do It Yourself. There are simple recipes to start with, just get your flavoring % right and you will have the best juice in town. Just remember everyone's taste buds are not the same so start low with flavor concentrate because you can always add more but you can't take it back out. And all those bottles you bought that do not taste good, you can fix most of them with flavor concentrate.

  10. Try chocolate mint coconut crunch all I order. And thin Mint cookies.

  11. for Shur the chocolate mint coconut crunch. is way good and dragons tear, dragons delight, dragons crown. 50/50 6%nicotine. 30ml bottle only around 9 dollars good price.

  12. Hey, thought y'all could use my two cents. I have actually had great success with ecblend, I love the specificity and diversity of the "Create Your Own". That being said, I never actually buy the premade concoctions that someone else made the recipe for, always make my own. You never know, some idiot probably put 90% banana with 10%strawberry and called it a tropical daiquiri! Of course it helps that I cook for a living, and can create a great flavor profile; you can't just throw things together. My latest winner ADV has been a 50/50 blend consisting of grape, white peach, brandy, and a hint of Sigaro Tuscano; great depth of flavor! So get creative, and don't ever trust anyone else to create something for your tastes, only YOU know what YOU like! :) Cheers mate!

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