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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Top 10 Hits for August 2013

So I was thinking about doing something new!

I'm going to start producing Top Ten lists each month and if it proves to be useful, I'll continue it going forward...

Here are the Top Ten Hits for the month of August 2013:

1. Kanger ProTank Review - 2nd Followup

2. 18650 & 18350 Battery Review
3. Kanger ProTank Review - Followup
4. Kanger ProTank Review
5. KamryTech X10 Review
6. Alien Visions: Boba's Bounty Review
7. Sigelei #19 Mechanical Mod Review
8. Review: 8 eLiquids from ECBlend
9. Review: 5 eLiquids from Mount Baker Vapor
10. Kanger EVOD Review

I can tell you in no uncertain terms, that the 7-10 positions will vary each month.

Positions 5-6 also fluctuate, but not as much as 7-10.

As you can see, the ProTank related traffic has 50% of the Top Ten nailed down!

If you like this or think it's a good idea, let me know by either using the "Reactions" checkboxes (below) or by leaving a comment!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you soo much. Your site has helped me very much. Im a new vapor using a knockoff ce4 that I got at my local smoke shop. I constantly get liquid on my lips. Ordered the protank from ebay for $15.98. Hope to be able to screw the battery from this crappy one onto my new one. Not sure of battery strength. The packaging just said "atmos: it does have the 2 wicks in it.


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