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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wanted for 2014 + Happy Holidays

So let's go ahead and call this a wrap-up post for 2013.  Sure, I've got the Nemesis clone and the VW kick being tested as we speak, but I've got something that I really want to find in 2014...

(eCig and eShisha, eHookah products included!)

I've tried 3 commonly found US sold eCigs this year and I've been far from thrilled...

I've tried about a dozen no-name, poorly made Chinese eCigs with the same results...

I know it might sound weird when I say it, but I've got a loyal and reliable 17,000-18,000 BASE of readers every single month.  I wish I could find a manufacturer who could see the wisdom of working with a Blogger like me, but so far I haven't been able to.

I've tried to reach out to Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds, and as far as I can reason, they're not interested in honest reviews from independent Bloggers, they're only interested in sales.  The saddest part for both of them, is because they're not interested in honest & unbiased reviews, both of their eCig/vCig products are failing miserably.  They're not failing because they don't have enough money to push the products, they're failing because their products work/taste awful and nobody wants to buy them.

I've been saying it since the beginning (it's inside one of the "Blog Notices" in the right hand pane)...

"If you're a manufacturer and you don't like my review of your product, take the review to heart and FIX the problem. Don't do it for me, do it for your customers!"
So if you work for or have something to do with an eCig manufacturer, please reach out to me and let's talk.  I've been fielding emails from 1,000's of people this year and I have some ridiculously good ideas that could potentially become a part of the first ever WANTED BRAND of eCigs that people actually want to buy.  And even better, to bridge the BARRIER-LIKE resistance to the over 50 crowd too!

And finally, I wanted to wish each and everyone a Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year!

If you've enjoyed reading ANYTHING that I've posted, please share it with a friend.  Maybe it's someone who still smokes, maybe it's somebody who doesn't have all the facts about eCigarettes.  Maybe it's a friend, maybe it's your own wife, husband, son, daughter, brother or sister.  Regardless, of what the news/media tries to tell you, there's nothing harmful or potentially deadly inside of eCigarettes, aside from the nicotine which is already present in those good old fashioned, carcinogen rich, tar and chemical filled cancer sticks.

May God Bless each of you richly and I pray that you will all have a very happy, peace filled and prosperous New Year!

As always, thank you so very, very, very much for your continued support, thank you for your comments and thank you for Liking it, Tweeting it, Sharing it, +1ing it and telling your dog about it, etc...  ;)

And don't forget, if you Follow this Blog (over in the right pane), you can be alerted every time I post a new review!

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  1. I hope some of these manufactures find this and actually take some action. It really isn't that hard to listen to unbiased reviews and improve your product is it? Again, thanks a ton for sharing and Happy New Years!

    1. TJ,

      I actually watch the logs (when I have some spare time) and I can tell you in no uncertain terms that I DO get hits from manufacturers. A LOT OF THEM. Some in China, Malaysia, Russia, Germany and yes, even in the United States. We're talking both hardware manufacturers AND eLiquid makers too.

      I genuinely look forward to hearing from more of them in 2014 as my blog continues to grow and continues to be relevant in a landscape that's become increasingly used as an avenue to make money through advertising.

      Don't get me wrong, I'd like to monetize my blog at some point, but I'm not going to do it at the cost of turning my blog into a billboard! I feel it's more important to be able to help people than it is to make money.

      Yeah, I know... Crazy talk... ;)

      As always, thanks for your comments...

  2. Nice blog, just stumbled across it and will be reading it in full! Interesting topic, this one - my mother in law has managed to quit smoking entirely using a "cig lookalike", which quite frankly baffles me as they did literally nothing for me. Each to their own, of course, and I am happy for her. She uses a generic e-cig from a UK company called VIP. If you can get your hands on one, might be worth a look.

    I use a EGO-T with a standard CE4 and 18mg juice and managed just over a month without a single analogue ciggy *cheers* nearly 20 years a 2 pack a day smoker, this really is an achievement for me. Glad I found vaping, that's for sure, and it was the mother in laws attempts with a cig shaped e-cig I suppose I need to pass some thanks to for getting me at least interesting in Vaping.

    Anyway, Happy New Year, and I will be promoting your blog - take care!

    1. Shaun,

      What a brilliant comment!

      The one thing I'd like to mention, is that I feel that there IS a place for the "cig lookalikes".... But not in their current FORM. Current size/shape type devices are either too expensive or don't work well enough to be a true replacement.

      As someone who quit after 30 years and 2 packs a day, I can tell you that I sometimes HATE to walk around with my "weapon" in my hand. Trust me, I get at least 4-5 comments a day from people asking me what the "giant metal pipe in my hand is for". LOL... Of course I've also had a few off-color comments made as well. Use your imagination as they're not fit for a mixed audience... ;)

      I've used more than a few look-alikes and I can see the potential... Everyone that I've shared my ideas with, seems to think that I may be on to something. I'd love to have the chance to help develop my idea into an actual product. I'm betting dollars to donuts that I can sell at least one to TrashCat! ;)

      I'm glad that you found something useful here...
      Thanks for your comments and I'd be thrilled to have you promoting my blog!

    2. Shaun,


      Congratulations on your first month of being Analog free!

      WooHoo! :P
      Happy Dance!

  3. I suppose the two biggest issues with them in the current form is battery life and the lack of choice in terms of taste. They are getting better in the sense that they broadening the options in the taste department. Saying that, I had the misfortune of tasting the "roast chicken" and trust me, it needs work!

    Battery life is pretty bad, Sandra (the Mother in Law) has at least two on charge the whole time, has to take a USB charger to work and uses the in car charger for trips to and from work. She loves them however, so there is definitely a market, and they have the advantage of being smaller than MOD devices, and even the EGO style batteries, so they do have potential for sure.

    If they could improve battery life, and the cost, then I may be tempted back however. I carry around a case with a USB charger, four EGO batteries, juice and spare wicks etc - it's a little too big for every day use (especially nights out) but I'm coping, and it's better than the alternative of picking up a spare pack of analogues...

    1. Shaun,

      You hit the nail on the head...

      Having to carry around SUPPLIES in order to Vape is really the whole reason WHY this is what I want to find in 2014!

      I can't imagine carrying around:

      1. USB Charger
      2. Four eGo Batteries
      3. eLiquid Bottles
      4. Spare Wick
      5. Spare Wire
      6. etc

      I can't imagine it, because I don't even do that! LOL!

      Every time I leave home, I PRAY that I make it through what I'm doing and then back home before I need ANYTHING...

      It's nice to see that your mother in law has a system all figured out. As long as she's happy, as long as she's got a system that works for her, then God bless her! I don't know how old mum is, but if she's over 50, then she's a rare find. **Most of** the 50+ audience I've reached out to likes the IDEA of the eCig, but won't switch.

      This coming February will be a year since I gave up the nasties. I will never go back to analogs no matter how desperate I become. So far the "prayer method" is working out pretty good! :)

  4. She's over 50, 62 this year in fact - she was never a heavy smoker mind you. She hasn't put the E-Cig down since she got it, nor has she lit up, so it's a win win I guess.

    Looking at a decent MOD system, after reviewing one of your posts on a V2/V3 MOD - now they look interesting. I figure one of them with a decent battery might sort my "nerves" about leaving the house without every E-Cig accessory I own *grin*

    A year coming is something to be very proud of, and gives me hope that this is not just some "fad" - I honestly believe this is the ticket to quitting for good.

    I hope you find a company/trader/whatever that will listen though, it can't hurt to take onboard what the consumer wants. If you do have any success then let me know, I'd sign right up :)

    God bless you and your family. I hope this year brings everything you want and more.

    1. Shaun,

      It's nice to see someone like your mother in law, who's over 50 AND gets it!

      As for having a MOD or an APV, that does help... A LOT!

      When I started Vaping, I had dual 1100mAh eGo-C batteries to work with. While I always got 24 hours out of them (still do I might add), being able to use a 2600mAh or even higher battery is really what's made this a no-brainer for me. Granted, you'll be walking around with the "metal pipe" in your hand, but **you know** what you need and it's worth the razzing. And even better, the larger devices have been responsible for some AMAZING conversations I've had this year. And even better, many of them even enabled me to obey Matthew 28:18-20!

      While most eCig retailers are terrified to tell you that Vaping *** IS *** a smoking cessation device, I don't hesitate. (of course I'm not an eCig retailer either, lol!) I went COLD TURKEY on February 6, 2013 and due in no small part to me eventually finding the right devices (well, better ones at least) and a lot of prayer, I've been able to stop ingesting chemicals that cause cancer!

      And even better than that, due to the fact that I've used so many devices and experimented with so many types of coils, resistance, etc, I've been able to LOWER MY NICOTINE INTAKE from 18mg down to 6mg! And I can assure you, I never forced myself to cut back. One day I woke up, noticed that the eLiquid I've been using is now BURNING my throat, went the next step down in nicotine and I was fine again.

      Thank you again for all of your comments and for being a genuinely fine and upstanding bloke!

      I would like to stand in agreement with you, that God also bless you and your family and that you too are able to share in His most excellent plans and that you find yourself squarely inside of God's Will in this new year, and not in your own!

  5. That is absolutely brilliant, the reduction of nicotine, I have reduced from 24mg to 18mg and thinking of lowering, but one step at a time *smile*. Looking at some of the APV's out there I can only imagine the conversations that might arise ha-ha. Still, they look good, checking them out with a view to purchasing next week once I have been paid :)

    Sorry if my last comment offended, was not my intent - I am a Roman Catholic who is sorely out of practice, my apologies, no offence was intended. I hope we are both within his plans :)

    1. Shaun,

      It didn't even occur to me that it was even remotely possible for anyone to take offense to anything you said with that comment.

      I used to fancy myself a Roman Catholic too (well, depending on the day perhaps I would have called myself an Agnostic). It wasn't until I came to the realization that every single thing that the Catholic church ever taught me was either:

      a. wrong
      b. influenced by pagan practices
      c. non-biblical
      d. counter-biblical

      ...that I was able to finally understand my place in this world.

      Anyway, this isn't the "come here so I can convert you blog", it's all about Vaping here. I know from the logs that you've already found and checked out my other Blog, perhaps you can listen to Episode #4. It may go a long way towards helping you to rightly divide the truth from the nonsense.

      I too have no desire to offend. The only time that I've found God's Word to be offensive, is when it's being spoken to those who'd have God bend to THEIR WILL, THEIR DESIRES & THEIR BELIEFS... That's when what I have to say is heard as offensive... Not addressed to you, I'm just saying...

      I only added what I said to my prayers for you, in order to better make known what it is that God Says He wants for us to want.

      Remember, it's either Biblical or it's Bologna.
      I like Bologna, just not with a side of Jesus.
      Either He's the main course or I'm outta here... ;)

      PS: I deleted and reposted this comment due to a typo. All fixed! :)

  6. I'm relieved, I thought I may have offended - so I am at ease.

    I did check out your other Blog and equally as curious - although unable to stream any of the episodes, although I will have another go tomorrow. I stopped practicing my faith for reasons not suited to an open forum, but still practice in the daily sense - hard to describe (be nice, basically!)

    Take care, and sorry for clogging up your Blog with posts! Got an APV on order, after your review, so I'll post back a comment on that review when I've had a vape :D

  7. You're not clogging anything!

    It's nice to see more people posting on here and not just reading ;)

    Oh... And congrats on quitting :)

  8. I love the reviews, this vaping is quickly turning into a hobby! I fear I may spend a fortune on Mods, tinkering, and generally having fun in the process :)

    Cheers - 38 days down and nearly £400 better off - not to mention feeling a million times better health wise.

    Found an old E-Lite cig lookalike whilst clearing out a kitchen drawer tonight - charged and loaded and it's back in the drawer as an emergency "fix" - just no comparison to the refillables, even if I am using fairly basic Ego stuff at present. I really hope the European Union don't ban refillables and insist on Cig Lookalikes in the current form....crossing everything in fact, that common sense prevails there!!

  9. "IndoorSmokers" on youtube was absolutely thrilled with the MigCig and says it's his favourite ecigarette. Find the review on youtube and check it out. :)

    1. Anonymous,


      The MigCig is nothing more than a voltage regulated 4.2V 510-T battery that uses either cartos or clearos... In other words, it's the same old stuff, used the same old way... Only in this particular case, with a voltage regulated 4.2V battery, you're SEVERELY LIMITED on what devices you can use, because a 2.5ohm coil burns WAAAAAY TOO HOT @ 4.2V!

      And another thing... Any VAMO, TESLA, SVD, LavaTube or Provari can put out a constant 4.2V. So....

      I'm glad that he was thrilled with it, but going BIGGER is not my idea of perfect. As a matter of fact, it's the single biggest reason that most of the "over 50 crowd" has rejected eCigs...


      Thanks for your comments...

  10. for walking around I use a auto 510 battery and Vision Nano clearomizer. not exactly the same size as a cigarette, but greatly reduced from the "weapon" class....

    1. Anonymous,

      100% agreed. A far cry from the "weapon class" that most of us have wound up using, because nobody has yet to get the "cigarette sized" devices sorted yet.

      I'm hopeful though! :)

      Thanks for your comments...

  11. Looking for the best cig look a like to not look like a nerd while vaping outdoors. Heard good things about the joyetech eroll , any thoughts?

    1. Anonymous,

      The average eRoll battery is only 90mAh. That's even less capacity than a standard 510 battery, which are usually about 250mAh. So unless you're willing to carry a PCC (Portable Charging Case) around with you, everywhere you go, you're not going to get too much Vaping time out of an eRoll.

      Of course, if you were a sub 1 pack per day smoker, then maybe something like the eRoll would work for you. For me, at 2 packs per day, I'd kill even the PCC at least once per day!

      Neither myself, nor any of the B&M retailers that I'm friendly with ever recommend the eRoll. But like I said, given the right person, it could be the right solution...

      Great question, thanks for dropping in! :)


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