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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


As you may be aware, I am getting ready to start concocting my very own eLiquid...

Whether or not I succeed is another story, but for now it behooves me to do a little bit of much needed market study.  It's my belief that other eLiquid makers don't spend enough time finding out what their customers are using NOW and their formulas suffer because of it.

I have some ideas as to what I believe people are using, but why leave it to chance?
What does it hurt to ask?

I tried to include as many modern devices as was sensible.  While I recognize that many of you use more than one kind of device, I would ask that you choose the one device that you use most often, or the device that you prefer to use most.

All votes are confidential, I don't receive any personally identifying information from it.
If you'd be so kind, would you mind choosing one of the following answers to help me out?

And if you choose "Something else", PLEASE let me know what other modern device you're using in the comments!


And when you're done, would you mind sharing this poll with other Vapers???
I'd be more than happy to share my results with the eLiquid making public at large!

Trust me, they need it more than I do...


  1. In the poll my other is a Smoktech ARO pyrex 1.8 ohm, I vape too much tank crackers, Mainly lavender. Very relaxing I might add.

  2. nimbus drilled to 5/64", stock patriot, igo-s, a6 dual coil drilled to 1/16" , igo w3. running on an evic and a k100.

  3. Kanger evod custom 4 wrap coil of kanthal 32 gauge with a thin cotton wick and 1 equally thin cotton flavor wick (made myself out of a cotton face pad) on top gives clouds and flavor that compete with low res atomizers just from running off of a 3.7 volt ego-c battery.

  4. My other is a Innokin itaste svd2.0 with a aspire nautilus dbvc 1.8 ohm atty running at 12 watts great clouds and taste great combo and high quailty on both pieces


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