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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kanger ProTank Review

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The ProTank followup is now online Here!

So the last time I reviewed a Kanger product, I was pretty much ready to throw it out the window. (don't get excited, it's just a figure of speech)

This time however, I'm ready to put this product into my soon to be created "Hall of Fame"!

So upon first inspection, there's not much to see here...
You might even be inclined to put it into the Vivi Nova or Stardust bin and call it a day.

I've been using the ProTank for about a week now and let me tell you something...
This is the first "Rebuildable Disposable" I've ever used that I WANT TO USE!

First of all, Chromed Brass and Pyrex make this an automatic upgrade from your T2, T3, CE4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & Stardusts...  As you can see in the above image, there's not much to this device.  You've got a top portion that is one factory-assembled piece (left), an atomizer assembly (right, although that's an eVod atomizer pictured) and the 510 threaded connector (center).  That's it.  No screws, nuts, springs, etc.

So why am I so excited about this thing?

I'm excited, because I've been using it for a week and:

a. It hasn't leaked, not even once
b. It hasn't turned my eJuice colors
c. I've put 8 eLiquids through it and it only takes 3-5 puffs to clear
d. Did I mention that it isn't leaking?
e. I haven't had to wrap a coil or torch a wick
f. I can lay it down and guess what?  It doesn't leak!

I've been using my AGA-T2 as my standard go-to Vape.
For the first time since going RBA, I'm almost considering this as my standard...

I went RBA, because I couldn't get a consistent Vape that tasted good and didn't leak.  With the ProTank, this changes things up.  I call this a "Rebuildable Disposable", because that's what it is.  It has an atomizer that CAN BE rebuilt with a little bit of silica wick and a few twists of Kanthal wire, but you can buy atomizers ready to go for about $1.50 each.

Allow me to digress for a moment...  Remember, most of us are using Vaping as a way to quit smoking.  Some of you are used to spending $4-$8 a pack.  What if you could spend about $1.50 a week and not have to tinker, toy around or buy special tools to have your solution AND have a device that actually PERFORMS to boot?  That's what I think we have here.

So how does it Vape?
Well, I've thrown the works at it...

I've used 5 different 50-50 PG/VG eJuices in it...
I've used 2 different Reduced PG eJuices in it...
And I've used Boba's Bounty @ 100% VG in it too!

Here's what I've experienced....

Taste - Perfect, just like an AGA-T2
Flavor Reproduction - Perfect, just like an AGA-T2
Vapor Production - Outstanding, just like an AGA-T2 (your eJuice may affect this)
Ease of Use - Simple as can be!  Easier than an AGA-T2!
Air Draw - Just like the AGA-T2 with PG & 50-50, like an Analog with 100% VG

Upon first setting it up, after I filled it with eLiquid I left it alone for about 20 minutes before I tried to use it.  I've read in other places, that it takes a little bit of time for the wick to saturate.  That was not my experience.  After 20 minutes my wick was still pretty dry, but after about 3-4 non-inhaled Vapes, it started to "open up" if you know what I mean.  After another 4-5 non-inhaled Vapes, the Kanthal (or nichrome wire) was also ready and it began to perform AS HOPED.

Switching eLiquids couldn't have been easier.  I took my syringe, drained the eLiquid out and filled it up with another one.  After 3-4 Vapes (using straight PG or 50-50 mix) the new flavor started to come through perfectly!  However, when switching to a 100% VG based eLiquid, it took about 10 Vapes to get started and when switching from a 100% VG to a straight PG, it took about 10-15 Vapes to get started.  So if you use mostly PG, you're in for a real treat, being able to switch eJuices with little to no effort.  No cleaning, no rinsing, no torching, no re-wraping, just Switch and Vape!

Just for completeness, I thought that I'd mention that I've been using it on my SmokTech Natural with both 18350 & 18650 batteries and it really has been a dream.

The Kanger ProTank comes with 2 - 2.5 Ohm atomizers.  I ordered a 5-pack of 2.2 Ohm replacement atomizers, thinking that I'd need a slightly warmer Vape.  At the time of this writing, I haven't tried the 2.2 Ohm replacement heads yet, but I'll be sure to post a follow-up review once I do.  All I can say right now, is 2.5 Ohms @ 3.7 Volts and I'm really happy.

* The ProTank followup is now online Here!

I'm really praying that the ProTank continues to perform as outstanding as it does right now.  Only time will tell!

UPDATE 5/24/2013 - I noticed some reviews online that state the ProTank produces a "hot Vapor".  This has NOT been the case for me.  Perhaps this hot Vapor was achieved using a higher voltage or a lower resistance head.  In either event, out of the box at 3.7V it produces a pleasantly "cool" Vapor.

UPDATE 5/28/2013 - My first 2.5 Ohm head lasted exactly 10 days!  I felt that was important to add to this review, as it factors into the total cost of ownership.  I replaced it with a 2.2 Ohm head, as I expected it to be warmer, but that was not the case.  The change to the 2.2 Ohm head is dramatic though.  After the coil had a chance to burn in, I found that 3.7V was way too much for this head and moved over to my VAMO, so that I could lower the voltage.  I figured I'd need to lower it to about 3.5V, but I had to drop it all the way to 3.1V in order to get the same Vape as I had with the 2.5 Ohm head (Don't ask me why I needed to go so low, I know that the math doesn't work, but I'm getting 99% the same performance).  Needless to say, I won't be purchasing any more of the 2.2 Ohm heads, as I prefer using my mechanical mod.  For those that are interested, the first head didn't stop working, rather, it's Vapor production decreased to about 25% of normal.  I haven't dissected it yet, but my suspicion is that the coil is fouled.  Upon dissecting it, I can confirm that of the 6 incredibly tiny wraps, 2 of them are heavily fouled.  After careful inspection, of the wick/coil assembly, I can assure you that I will not even be considering rebuilding these atomizers.  If you're used to working with such tiny things, then your mileage may vary.  Again, the fouling is normal whether you're using an RBA, Disposable, Tank, etc.  Coils get a build-up on them and they stop working correctly.

Update 6/3/2013: The ProTank followup is now online Here!

Update 7/21/2013: The ProTank has now been surpassed (in my eyes) by the KamryTech X10.  Read the review HERE!

Update 8/4/2013: Also and very important... There's now a 2nd followup to the ProTank review online that answers the Top 10 questions about the "ProTank Compatibles".  This of course includes the ProTank, X10, EVOD, Davide, PuriTank, etc.  Check it out HERE!

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