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Friday, November 1, 2013

Top 10 Hits for October 2013

Thousands of readers can't be wrong, you liked this topic, so it's here to stay!

Here are the Top Ten Hits for the month of October 2013:

1. Kanger ProTank Review - 2nd Followup (Same as August)

2. 18650 & 18350 Battery Review (Same as August)
3. Kanger EVOD Review (Up 7)
4. Kanger ProTank Review - Followup (Down 1)
5. Kanger ProTank Review (Down 1)
6. CE4 & CE5 - Stardust Review (NEW!)
7. KamryTech X10 Review (Down 2)
8. Review: 6 eLiquids from Hangsen (NEW)
9. Alien Visions: Boba's Bounty Review (Down 3)
10. Review: 5 eLiquids from Mount Baker Vapor (Down 1)

I can tell you in no uncertain terms, that the 7-10 positions will vary each month.

Positions 5-6 also fluctuate, but not as much as 7-10.

As you can see, the ProTank related traffic still has 50% of the Top Ten nailed down!

#6 was a complete shocker for me!

#3 was a shock, because I would think people would be using the ProTank Minis over an EVOD.  Perhaps cost is a consideration, since the EVOD is ridiculously inexpensive in comparison to the glass and metal in the ProTanks?  Very interesting for Kanger...

Once again (and thanks to you), this Blog continues to grow...

Total visits during the month of October 2013 - 17,000+!

For those of you with a keen power of observation, due to certain circumstances, there were no September stats...

As always, I continue to hope and pray that there's something contained within this Blog that either helps you to quit smoking the nasties or to assist you in having a more satisfying Vaping experience!

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