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Friday, January 31, 2014

January 2014 - Where did it go?

This is an apology post, more than anything else...

This month has been sooooooo busy for me, that I've hardly had time to sleep or poop for that matter!  LOL!  :)

I've got so many things going on in my life right now, that I've had to prioritize!  I know that sounds either cliche or perhaps even like a cop-out, but I swear it's true!  I'm praying that February shapes up to be a little bit calmer, so that I can start cranking out the reviews...

And speaking of reviews (and building on my last post for 2013) I think I'm going to shift the focus of this blog to EXCLUSIVELY reviewing eLiquids AND "Cigarette" look-a-likes.  There's so much you can do with being able to variably adjust everything, from  your battery to your coil to your type and size of wick, but there's also a HUGE contingent of "converts" that isn't having it.  Too many people are plunking down their $79.95 for an eGo-C, iTaste or a Vision Spinner kit and then having a horrible experience, that they're giving up and going back to the Marlboros...

And there isn't ANYBODY catering to OR trying to help build or develop this market (aside from Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds).  And trust me when I say that neither one of them cares one bit about what you or I think about eCigs or how they should be made or function.  Furthermore, don't be too surprised when you see more and more places around the world BANNING the use or sale of eCigs, primarily because one of the above 2 companies have thrown their weight (and their money) at making it happen.

I've tried on 4 separate occasions to get them to comment or offer me something to test and to date, they've refused (or ignored) all of my requests.  Apparently 15-18k readers every month (and consumers for that matter) aren't enough to get either of them interested.

In the mean time, I've got about 8 U.S. based eLiquid makers contacting me every month for me to try their stuff for review.  And I'm so backed up, that I've put off asking ANY of them for anything.  And for that, I apologize.  I'm going to make a concerted effort in the next week or so to get a few more eLiquids in here to test.

As an aside, on New Years Day (at 12:01AM ET) I grabbed the stats for the month of December, so there's still a TOP 10 post for December 2013 needing to be written.  Sigh...

Seriously, thanks to everyone who reads, who comments and who contacts me.  In the secular world, success should not be measured by how much money you make or how many friends you have...  It should be measured by how well you do, whatever it is you do.  And you'll know whether or not you're doing it right, by how often you're asked to do, whatever it is that you do so well!  ;)

Keep your eyes peeled...  O_O
More to come!


  1. Sounds like a plan... Good to have you back ;) ... Though I do hope you manage to do the 2 planned upcoming reviews (Nemesis & Kick clones) before the change... Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more. :)

    1. TrashCat,

      You know I'm always thrilled to have you drop in and share some of your enthusiasm with me and everyone else that visits here...

      My biggest problem right now, is the fact that both the Nemesis Clone and the Kick have pushed me in this direction!

      I am so fed-up with the way the eCig business is progressing, that it finally came to a head with these last 2 purchases.

      Honestly, I'll have to see what I'm going to do...

      The good news, is that I've had about 15 eLiquid makers contact me in the PAST WEEK. So I'm thinking there should be a lot of reviews coming up.

      I really want to see more eCig manufacturers step up with items for review. Or better yet, who are interested in seeking my insight, into what makes a *more* marketable eCig alternative...

      Anyway, we'll see what happens...

      Thanks for dropping in... :)

  2. Whilst I'm kinda sad you are not going to be reviewing "mod gear" and tanks, I support the shift. The cig-likes are popular, are not going anywhere, and they rightly should be pushed to produce a satisfying vape.

    Liquid reviews are always good, anyway. A lot of people take a leap of faith when they first purchase liquid and it's usually sales talk and a nice looking website that seals the deal there.

    Thanks to your reviews, I now have a APV, a glass clear tank, rebuild some coils and even mix my own liquids - how far we come in such a short space of time - oh, and nearly 12 weeks and not a single stinky in sight :)

    I'll follow no matter what you review, let's hope a decent, reasonably priced and awesome liquid manufacturer pops up, and some cig-likes come along that can hold a candle to the Mods in the world.

    It's a fast paced industry, for sure.



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