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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Upcoming Review: 8 eLiquids from ECBlend®

I've been pondering whether or not to do eLiquid reviews for a while now...

What most people don't realize, is that FLAVOR is almost a UNIQUE experience for everybody on the planet.  I never realized how much so, until I started Vaping.  As a cook, I always figured that if it tasted good to me, then it must BE GOOD.  While I might be right, your tongue and your taste buds may disagree with mine.  Does that make my taste buds better than yours?  Yes.  Yes it does.

But seriously, everyone perceives TASTE somewhat differently.  Some may find something too sweet, while others may think it's just right.  The best that I can do, is to tell you if they taste like what they're labeled as and if I believe they have good throat hit and good Vapor production.  You can decide for yourself if you like them, but be warned, I won't tell lies to make new friends...

So I'm going to do my first eLiquid review on flavors from ECBlend.  I'm just waiting for another order to ship and then I'll put it together.

Flavors to be reviewed:

  • RY4 Tobacco (Reduced PG)
  • Flavorless 100% VG w/added sweetener
  • Tobacco Blend 100% VG
  • Dragon's Cafe (Reduced PG)
  • Espresso Shot (Reduced PG)
  • DK 555 Tobacco (Reduced PG)
  • AN&O Strawberry Shortcake 100% VG
  • AN&O Orange Cream 100% VG
Unless something comes up, keep your eyes peeled for the review during the week of 4/22/2013.

Update 4/25/2013: As promised, the review is HERE

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