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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SmokTech Natural + RSST Kit Review - Followup

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So I've received a whole bunch of communications from people in different places asking me to do a followup review on the SmokTech RSST leaking issue. (the original review is HERE)

When I first setup the RSST, I had one small "snag"...  The lower isolator (the one in the 510 connetion) would not come out.  When I say "would not come out", I mean to say "I didn't want to force it out".

I've been wondering if maybe it wasn't seated correctly and perhaps that was causing some leaking.  Although in retrospect, any leaking is ORIGINATING from the top, but regardless, I wanted to make sure.

So I took apart the whole unit and very carefully got the isolator removed.  Upon which I discovered something new.  The upper and lower isolators ARE NOT THE SAME, which means that THEY ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE.

So I took my time, carefully cleaned and inspected each part and put it back together.

3 hours later, I had my first signs of leakage, so reassembly is not the solution...

Added 5/26/2013: I have pretty much stopped using this RBA.  Its flavor reproduction is a 2 out of 10.  If your taste buds are dead due to so many years of smoking, you probably won't notice.  So if that's the case, and if you can get past the dripping 510 connector, the RSST Vapes really well.

IMPORTANT: If you're thinking about getting an RBA, because you're trying to get a better more consistent Vape, then perhaps you should check out the Kanger ProTank FIRST!  It's half the price of the RSST, Vapes like a dream AND it produces great flavor!

Next, The Natural...

I went ahead and ordered 2 different kinds of protected batteries (which I'll be reviewing soon).  

Update 6/8/2013 - The Battery Review is UP!

I now know that protected 18650 batteries WILL NOT WORK IN THIS UNIT.  Why won't they work?  Well, they won't FIT, they're TOO LONG.

As you can see from the image above, you CAN force a protected 18650 battery into the unit, but you're going to have some problems making everything "fit" correctly.  For the purpose of this review, I went ahead and unscrewed each part of the tube a little bit at a time, until I was able to fit everything together.  I'm not happy though.  I don't like how it feels in my hands AND I happen to think it looks stupid.

My recommendation: Don't use protected batteries in this device unless you're willing to purchase the extended tube (which I don't even know for certain will work.  according to the ST website, that tube is to support 18500 batteries, so that might not even be a real option).  If you're worried about using unprotected batteries, then don't get a Natural.

So that's my SmokTech Natural + RSST Kit Review - Wrap-up.  
As always, I hope you find my reviews, opinions & advice helpful...

I recognize that everyone's mileage may vary, so whatever you use, as long as it's not a cigarette, it's a great device!

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  1. I have leaking problems as well. I have also noticed that due to the 510 pin being has dug a small hole on my mod's 510 pin which is very unfortunate :/

  2. What did Smok Tech say about your leaking issue?

    1. Anonymous,

      Thank you so much for asking this question. To be honest, I had tried to put this bad experience behind me.

      I tried emailing them 3 times and the reseller tried at least twice. Apparently SmokTech can't be bothered with hearing about their poorly manufactured products.

      Neither of us ever got a response to this issue.

      As always, "Buyer Beware"...

      Thanks again for the question...


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