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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Upcoming Reviews for June 2013

So due to a decision I made a week ago, the eLiquid review has been delayed and will appear on this Blog either 5/31/2013 or during the month of June...

Update 5/31/2013: The CCVapes Review is up!.

Upcoming review #1: Sigelei Mechanical Mod #19
Everybody and their grandma has an opinion on these, I happen to think that this mod is a real diamond in the rough, but only placing one into my hands can confirm that.

Update 8/23/2013: The Sigelei #19 Review is finally UP!

Upcoming review #2: I'll also be doing a re-visit on the Kanger ProTank.

Update 6/3/2013: The ProTank followup is now online Here!

Upcoming review #3: I'll be reviewing 3 different Dekang fruit flavored eLiquids, right off the boat from China.  I've had an excellent experience with the Tobacco flavors, I'm very interested in how well they pull off fruity flavors.  At $6 for 30ml's it's hard to pass up the opportunity.  If they're good, I'll be thrilled.  If not, I can't compain...

Update 6/2/2013: The Dekang review is now online Here!  And I did complain!  :)

Upcoming review #4: 3 new eLiquids from Alien Visions!  They're back online again!  If they can only get their website issues sorted out...  Does AVE have what it takes to make everything delicious, or is Boba's Bounty a fluke?

Update 6/11/2013: The AVE review is now online... Catch it HERE!

Upcoming review #5: I decided that I needed an RDA (a dripping type of rebuildable atomizer) to be able to get all of the nuances of the different flavored eJuices that I'm reviewing.  I've got an SM2.0 (also referred to as an SM20) on its way from China, and I've got to tell you that I'm really looking forward to this build!  Can anything really taste any better than my Kanger Protank?  We'll just have to see!
Update 8/23/2013: The Review for the SM2.0 has put put on permanent hold.  Maybe you'd be interested in the SmokTech Octopus?

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Update 6/11/2013 - Additional Updates for June 2013 are HERE
Update 6/13/2013 - More Updates for June 2013 are HERE

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