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Friday, June 7, 2013

Upcoming Reviews for June 2013 - Update

A couple of months ago, I mentioned that I was going to be doing an 18650/18350 Battery review.  Truth is, there's just too much misinformation out there regarding batteries.  Time permitting I should be able to get this one up by the end of this weekend.

Batteries being reviewed:

· Samsung ICR18650-26F (unprotected)
· Samsung ICR18650-30B (protected)
· TrustFire 18650 - 3000mAh (protected)
· EFest 18350 - 800mAh V2 (unprotected)

Update 6/8/2013 - The Battery Review is UP

Next, I'm still working on the Sigelei #19 review.  Out of the box, it leaves a little to be desired.  HOWEVER, I have a neat idea that I haven't seen anyone else try yet that MIGHT actually make this an awesome mod.  Keep your eyes peeled!

My 3 new eLiquids from Alien Visions are in the mail and on their way!  Does AVE have what it takes to make everything delicious, or is Boba's Bounty a fluke?

eLiquids being reviewed:

· Dreamberries
· Watermelon Overload
· Grape Vape

Update 6/11/2013 - The Alien Visions Review is UP

I decided that I needed an RDA (a dripping type of rebuildable atomizer) to be able to get all of the nuances of the different flavored eJuices that I'm reviewing.  I've got an SM2.0 (also referred to as an SM20) on its way from China, and I've got to tell you that I'm really looking forward to this build!  Can anything really taste any better than my Kanger Protank?  We'll just have to see!  I can confirm that it's on its way here and hopefully I'll have it in my hands by the end of this coming week!
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Update 6/13/2013 - More Updates for June 2013 are HERE

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