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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Upcoming Reviews for June 2013 - Update 2

So yeah, umm, June 2013 is really shaping up to be a ridiculously busy month!

Upcoming Reviews:

1. 4 eLiquids from Uno Vapor

2. 4 eLiquids from Mount Baker Vapor

3. You're not going to believe me, but I swear it's true --> 36 eLiquids from NicoPure

**I still need to check the count on that though...
***Count confirmed, only one duplicate in the bunch...
****This one may not appear until July 2013 for obvious reasons...

4. I just checked and my SM2.0 will be here TODAY!  So there's that coming up...

Update 6/14/2013 - Ok, so just so we're clear....  This RDA is narrower than a U.S. Penny. I will NOT be reviewing this right now.  It's going into my gear box and it's going to have to wait for me to get out my microscope, so that I can build it.

5. The Sigelei Mechanical Mod #19 will be up soon too...

Update 8/23/2013: If by "soon", I meant "2 months later", then it's finally UP!  LOL  Catch the Sigelei #19 Review HERE!

6. Added 6/14/2013: Since I discovered that the SM2.0 is about the size of a standard drip-tip, I'll be reviewing the SmokTech Octopus instead!  No microscope required!

Update 8/23/2013: The SmokTech Octopus Review is finally UP!


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