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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kanger UniTank (Non-Review)

So today I'm not going to be reviewing the new Kanger UniTank...

Kanger UniTank

Good...  ;)

So the UniTank came out about a month ago.  As you can see from the image above, it's a nice looking unit.  So what's my problem?


Ever hear of that before?

Apparently Kanger threw this idea out the window with this device...

It's the idea that if you take away "any" of somethings pieces, it won't function any more.  Or more simply, fewer pieces equals optimal reliability as there are less parts to fail.  The most common example is the basic mouse trap design.

The basic (old fashioned) mouse trap has only 5 parts:

Platform, Spring, Hammer, Catch & Holding Bar...

If you have all 5 parts, you have something that works great!  But if you take away any one of those parts, you don't catch 4/5ths as many mice, you catch none.  In other words, you have a mechanical device that has as few parts as possible, in order to perform its desired function--- That's irreducible complexity!

So what does this have to do with the new UniTank from Kanger?

Well, let's look at the original instruction booklet for the ProTank 1:

4 pieces, 5 easy steps to Vaping

The ProTank 1 "manual" couldn't be any easier to understand.  First take your atomizer off, fill with eLiquid, screw it back on, add the beauty ring if you'd like and then screw onto your battery.  Outstanding!  Easy and millions of non-technical users rejoice!  (insert your own cheering sound-clip here)

But that wasn't good enough for Kanger, so they came out with the ProTank 2...
Let's take a look at the instruction manual for the ProTank II:

8 pieces, 3 easy steps to Vaping?

Hmmm...  While it doesn't appear to be much different from the ProTank 1, it does have more parts.  That means that technically there are more points for failure.  But in practice it's not a big deal AND it makes it easier to replace a broken tank section.  You couldn't do that on the ProTank 1.

But now we get to my point of contention today...
Let's take a look at the Kanger UniTank instruction manual:

9 pieces (2 pieces not pictured), 3 easy steps to Vaping?

For the non-technically inclined, working with this device is nothing short of a headache.  Emptying out your eLiquid makes a mess, dealing with that spring is a potential nightmare waiting to happen too.  If you lose it, stretch it, over-compress it, you now have a small paperweight.  And even more vexing are the plastic pieces that you can't see from this breakdown.  There are these 3 plastic pieces that keep the "Clearomizer Pole" centered in the tank.  This is a mess of a design, if you ask me...

Why did they make the UniTank?  As I understand it, it was made this way so that you could fill it from the top.  To be honest, it's nothing short of a pleasure dealing with the ProTank 1 (or its cousins).  You unscrew it, get to take a quick peek at the flavor-wicks for signs of fouling, fill up, re-screw and you're in business.

A quick search of Google will show you 100's of Vapers who claim, "I guess I'll be passing on this one...."  I concur.

Update 10/29/2013: Hold the phone...  Something just occurred to me...  And by the way, if I'm right, you're hearing it here FIRST...  I believe that the UniTank MAY support BOTH single coil and the new dual coil heads (from the ProTank 3)!  If I'm right, that puts the UNI in UniTank in a whole new light.  As you may or may not know, the new Dual coil heads for the PT3 DO NOT and WILL NOT fit in ANY of the varying ProTank 1, 2, X10, EVOD's, etc.  So having one device that can do both is kind of cool.  THEN it would explain the REAL need for the spring.  If I'm wrong... Meh...  I'll be passing on it...

If you ask this reviewer, I say that the UniTank was a waste of time on Kanger's part, in order for them to continue to feel relevant.  They know there are dozens of Chinese knockoff factories in China, diluting their Patents and Trademarks, so they're doing everything that they can to keep "cutting edge".  I believe they've gone so cutting edge that they've cut themselves on this one.

For $17, you can get a UniTank or for about $10 you can pick up a KamryTech X10 and a 5-Pack of Atomizer heads!  Decisions, decisions...

Disclaimer: if you like it, have one, use one, great!  Use it and keep away from the nasty Analogs!  Remember, part of my mission is to try to keep your Vaping easy and reliable.  As far as I know, the UniTank performs exactly the same as a PT1, PT2, X10, etc.  Remember, "If it's using a ProTank atomizer.... IT'S A PROTANK!  :)

As always, thank you so very, very, very much for your continued support, thank you for your comments and thank you for Liking it, Tweeting it, Sharing it, +1ing it and telling your dog about it, etc...  ;)

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  1. LOL, dead on and hilarious !

    1. Theo,

      Glad I could make you laugh!

      As always I appreciate the comments...

  2. Nailed the review. Being a Kanger Customer. I have several Protanks and Yes the debatable Unitank. Now with that being sad, I can say yes there is a slight difference in the vaping experience from the Unitank in comparison with the Protank 1 and Protank 2. I personally feel it gives a much crispier flavor. However on the same note. It can be a pain in the ass, if you need to change out your coils with a full tank as it drips from the top if you need to remove the bottom. And as stated the more parts. the greater risk of leak or failure. It's a nice tank to have. But I prefer to own just 1 and not multiples. Looking forward to the PT 3 and see what it has to offer other then making my wallet lighter for a redesigned PT 2

    1. Mr. Vance,

      It's nice getting a comment once in a while that confirms that I'm on the right track. I can't help but believe that it strengthens my credibility with my readers, when I have someone who clearly understands how the device(s) work comment, AND we're in agreement.

      I'll be very interested in hearing the reports for the PT3. My only concern with those heads, is what I'm assuming to be an impossibility of "renewing" those coils. I guess we'll see...

      As an aside, I'm still really excited to find out if I'm right about the PT/PT3 head compatibility with the UniTank!

      Thank you for your comments! :)


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