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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Upcoming Reviews for November 2013

So right now I'm waiting on something that (according to many people) is supposed to "rock my world".

As most of you who've been following me for any amount of time knows, I depend on the Kanger designed ProTank Atomizer Heads to Vaporize my eLiquids.  However, there are some cases where the ProTank heads just can't reproduce flavor the way they're supposed to (Boba's Bounty anyone).

1. I'll be reviewing a SvoёMesto Kayfun v3.1 ES (clone) as soon as I receive it.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Kayfun/Taifun/Russian/etc types of devices, they're a ReBuildable Atomizer that functions on the same premise as a ProTank, except with the ability to atomize more eLiquid (due to greater surface area), provide greater airflow (thanks to an adjustable valve) and therefore provide ProTank type performance, but stepped up to the next level.

Well, at least that's what's supposed to happen in theory anyway...  ;)

Won't you join me for this review?
Keep your eyes peeled mid-November for this one...

2. Also and of very high interest to me....  I purchased a moderate quantity of both 1/4" Silica Rope and 1/4" Cotton Rope to test with the Kayfun.  Why?  Yeah... About that...  I've got this crazy idea, that instead of bundling, wrapping or creating fancy shapes with your wick, that you can just have a nice single strand do all the work for you.  Am I right?  I don't know.  Since I've never seen anyone use anything this large before (not that 1/4" is exactly large), I'm hoping that one of my crazy ideas will pay off.  Just keep in mind, you'll need either a Kayfun or a Dripper to take advantage of this particular size wick, so...  Anyway, we'll see what happens...  Right now I plan on including this as part of the Kayfun review.

Update 11/5/2013: So I finally got a replacement battery for my digital micrometer and the first thing I did was measure this new wick!  Seems like wick isn't measured to the same level of specificity that things made of metal are.  Well, then again, I can't tell you how many wobbly 510 drip-tip sockets I have, so maybe that isn't even so...  Anyway, these 2 different wicks that I have are 9/64", not 1/4".  That works out to be 3.77mm.  Regardless, I'm still really excited to see how well this stuff works!  Hmmm...  Now that I'm thinking about it, perhaps they're 1/4" once they've absorbed eLiquid?  --runs off to test!

3. As I told you in my Blog Reboot post, I cancelled some reviews last month.  There's one thing that I think deserves to be reviewed and that's the Private V2 - Tritone Clone.  It's an exact replica of the real thing (minus the center-pin).  I've been using it for the past month and I'd like to do a short review for those of you who are looking for a stylish and properly performing mod (that also happens to cost under $25!!!).  Hey, for those of you in the UK, that's about £16!!!  Anyway, keep your eyes peeled!

Update 11/5/2013: This review is up!  Read it HERE...

And if you want to be updated the moment these get posted, use the Follow option in the right-hand pane.  Don't worry, Google does NOT share your email addresses with me.

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  1. Great! Finally some awesomeness that's not a Protank (2) (Mini) Mini 2 or 3.
    I can't wait to read the review!

    1. Theo,


      Just so you know, you're gonna laugh your pants off when you see what I'm Blogging about tomorrow...

      I'm just sayin'...

      It should be up around 1AM ET (That's what? 7AM your time?)

  2. yeah, 6 or 7 am. Gonna nap now. It's 2.30 am already ;-)


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