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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Welcome to Tasty Vapers!

There are hundreds of websites dedicated to reviewing eCig related stuff, tons of forums too.

The one thing that's missing, is someone to rate eCigs for their FLAVOR.  

If you're new to Vaping (using eCigs), then you might be surprised to know that your Vape should not only be a replacement for Analog cigarettes, but it should taste BETTER too.  

I'm going to review carto's, clearo's, tanko's and any other o's that I can get my hands on and review their FLAVOR reproduction.  In other words, I'm not going to just be rating eJuice (which is not as subjective as you may think), I'm going to primarily be rating the eCig's ability to reproduce the flavor consistently and reliably too!  

Won't you join me?

* Updated 8/6/2013

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