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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kanger T2 Review

UPDATED 5/22/2013 - If you're seriously interested in the Kanger T2, I'd suggest that you save your money and check out the ProTank instead!  Don't miss my review of the Kanger ProTank!

Remember, these reviews are for the sole purpose of helping you to find a QUALITY VAPING EXPERIENCE.  They're not here to further my blog and they're not here to denigrate or put down anyone.  If you like something that I say is "junk", that's great.  Use it and enjoy it.  But for those of you, who like me have an extremely sensitive sense of taste and smell, allow me to help you in your quest...

The Kanger T2 looks just like all the rest of the standard CE4, Vision or other Stardust type of Clearomizers.

On a direct suggestion from Eric from, I ordered a couple of Kanger T2's from his webstore.  Really quick and off-topic, Eric is awesome!  I contacted him and asked him for his opinions on several aspects of the different devices he sells and his answers were among the best and most complete answers I've received from anyone.  If you get the chance to communicate with him, tell him I said hi!  One quick note though, Eric never promised me the "perfect vape", but he suggested that I try it anyway, as many people have had good experiences with it.

Ok, so here's the scoop with this clearomizer.

The first 10 vapes, the eJuice tasted awful.  I was ready to toss it.

The next 20 vapes, the eJuice tasted like it was right out of the bottle, nice!

The next 24 hours, the eJuice lost it's flavor entirely, I felt like I was Vaping nothing.

The next 24 hours after that, I was sucking eJuice, like it was through a straw.  2 dis-assemblies and a quick run through with my air compressor, I managed to get the eJuice out (no I did not overfill the tank).

I managed to get another day out of it before it started to turn my PG eJuice a dark brown color and tasting burnt (I was using a standard light-colored eJuice. It started out the color of cream soda and wound up the color of Guinness!).

Would I suggest this to someone who wants a hassle-free Vaping experience?  No....

Remember, we're trying to replace cigarettes....
You don't light a cigarette and deal with awful taste, good taste, no flavor, etc...
You light it and unless you "hot-box" your smoke, it tastes the same from start to finish...

So while the Kanger T2 is a "well-constructed" clearomizer, I won't recommend it...

I hate the idea of disposables, so if you don't mind spending about a dollar more, you would do much better with an EVOD or for few dollars more, a Kanger ProTank.

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  1. Great... You say it like it is... I thought I mustbe doing something wrong... Engaging the battery too long etc...

    The t2 was sold to me as the perfect startup kit along with an Ego-C Twist.

    Man... I wish I had known about your blog weeks ago lol

    1. It's okay TrashCat... In the end, each of us will undoubtedly waste a few bucks here or there on something. You have to be able to easily distinguish the good from the bad. It's the only way to learn how to help others...


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