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Monday, February 25, 2013

Standard Ego-C Atomizer/Tank Review

The "eGo thread" is currently the most versatile connector type in the eCig world, having both a 510 connector and the eGo threads.  From a "standards" point of view, the standard eGo battery offers the most battery life of all basic batteries.

However, that's where the usefulness of the "stock eGo" setup ends.

If you have an opportunity to purchase a "standard eGo" setup, don't... Get the upgrade!
The stock eGo-C setup comes with these tiny atomizers and uses a plastic tank to hold your eJuice.  Most printed literature will tell you that this setup should provide you with a weeks worth of Vaping, however real-life usage is more like 3-4 hours, perhaps a day if you're really lucky.

The stock eGo-C atomizer is so poorly constructed, that your eJuice will be burning in no time.  The problem is not so much with the atomizer, as it is with the incredibly tiny wick.  Once that wick burns, not only do you have to spend $3-$5 for another, but you've burned your eJuice and you either have to clean out your tank and start over, or replace it (for $3-$5) too!

While I can see some people thinking that this is a review to avoid the eGo-C, it's not.  It's a plea to not invest or waste your time and money on the stock config.  You'll have a much better experience if you go another direction.  As of this writing, a Kanger EVOD or a Kanger ProTank may be your best bet for reliability and flavor reproduction...

It's my hope that you can get away from cigarettes, so anything I can do to help steer you in a "better" direction is fine by me...

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