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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dual Coil Tankomizer Review

So considering that most of the girls at my local shop love this tank, I had to bring one of these 6ml behemoths home and take one for a spin myself.

To be honest, I didn't expect too much.  I've read horror stories from people about these things.  Everything from eJuice leaking everywhere to burnt taste.  And to make it even worse, these things are relatively expensive!

Well, I've been using this Tank for the better part of 4 days now and I'm in overall shock at it's performance!  It's been a little weird, but it may have just unseated the Stardust as my standard Vape (thank Heaven, I hate them).

But that's where the benefits end, because the TASTYNESS (mispelled on porpoise) isn't there.  Don't ask me how, but this tank can billow out Vapor, but the eJuice taste is maybe 1/5th of what it should be.  In other words, if you're Vaping cherry, it tastes like cherry, but BARELY like cherry.  It's not that it's making the eJuice taste like something else, it's just not reproducing the flavor optimally.

Update 3/1/2013: I've now been using this Tank for 7 whole days.  It's still producing tons of Vapor.  I've discovered something new that I felt important to share.  It appears that the level of Nicotine you have in your eJuice is directly proportional to how good the flavor carries over.  With a Low and Zero level of Nicotine, I had barely any noticeable flavor.  I just picked up a Medium Nic Tobacco flavor and I'm getting an AWESOME flavor right now.  I will update as/when/if the situation improves/degrades/etc.

The one other thing that surprised me about this Tank, is that the Vapor is HOT.  This is the first device that I've had produce warm or hot Vapor.  I was initially shocked (and choked because I didn't expect it) and once in a while the drip-tip gets so hot that I have to remove it from my lips!  Is hot Vapor bad?  I dunno.  I kind of liked the "cool vapors" that I was getting from the other devices, but if I find the "perfect setup" and it just happens that it makes warm Vapor, I'd be happy to get used to it!

The one that I got is a Generic (some resellers will tell you that there's no such thing as an original, but that defies logic).  It specs out on my multimeter at 1.5 Ohms, so if you're using a standard 3.7V battery, make sure you get one that's no more than 2.0 Ohms.

One last note, if you're using this on a standard battery, be prepared to kill your battery quick!  I'm using 1100mah eGo-C batteries and I'm getting EXACTLY 1 day of use before I have to swap the battery out.  If you're using a smaller battery (650mah is pretty standard), expect it to last considerably less than a day.  In other words, make sure you've got a spare handy if you know you'll be away from your charger!

One last note, I did have a leak issue, but it's my fault.  While refilling it, I pushed the replaceable Cartomizer down too much and the eJuice from the tank poured itself right into the carto...  How can I get upset when it's my own fault?  Just keep in mind, that if you're looking for a "Screw n' Go" setup, a DCT (Dual Coil Tank) may not be for you.

Update 4/10/2013: I discontinued using EVERYTHING that uses a carto, because apparently, there's an inherent design flaw in this type of device.  Seven days wasn't quite long enough to test these.  I have tried 3 different carto/tank setups, one of them a very promising idea, as it was a "locking tank" (SmokTank XL - Locking Dual Coil Tank), but it too eventually began to leak from the 510 connector.  If you want an easy to use, serious vapor producer, then this is your ticket.  Just be prepared to spend 2-3 hours a week on average, cleaning out your carto and your battery from seriously leaking eLiquid.  Zen from House of Hybrids has announced a new Z-Atty that is based around the carto/tank concept.  I won't be purchasing one (as I don't have $200 to spare), but I'm hopeful to find out whether or not his device is free of this problem.

I definitely recommend this for you to try, just do a little shopping before you buy one.  In other words, don't spend too much and don't completely invest in this solution until you find out for yourself whether or not it will work for you.

Update 8/4/2013: I try to keep all of my blog posts relevant, so in addition to cleaning up a couple of typo's, I just want to say that I still hold the same opinion on these and instead would like to suggest that you check out a ProTank (or one of the compatibles).  Go ahead and check out the review for the Kanger ProTank HERE!

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